soft muscles

hi guys,

I realize that my muscles get way more softer after I took that propecia shit. I took propecia for 3 months and off for 8 months. I’m still suffering from ED, watery semen, eye dryness and soft muscles.

I read somewhere that ‘‘Dry eyes are mostly a health problem for women and seems to be a result of fluctuations in hormonal levels, particularly estrogen and androgens.’’

Although I got my hormone tests for several times, nothing seemed to be abnormal.

But, my testosterone levels seemed to decrease slightly. I was wondering, if anyone has experienced the same sides and found any solution. I mean, should I boost my T levels?

I am sick of doctors who tell it’s all in my head.

Thanks for any advice.

Yes, I’ve definately noticed my muscles do not get as hard as they used to get. Even when im in the working out phase and hitting the gym 4-5 times a week, theres muscle growth, but its soft. I noticed my triceps dont get as hard as they used to, just like my penis…lol.

Yep when I was on Propecia my muscles were soft. When I flexed my bicep in wouldnt be hard. However after stopping my muscles are rock hard again.

Same here, my triceps get bigger from training but are still soft, same like my penis, like they are 50% “errect” :grin:, semi hard no matter how hard I try to flex them. Muscles on my legs seem to be working properly though, at least I think so… If only someone could figure this out… Which part of muscles is not working… Is it soft muscles, skeletal muscles, is it sponge part or cavernosum part… I don’t really know anything about muscle anatomy but there must be someone here who does!

Because it feels like one part of muscles is working OK, but other one is dead, I really want to figure out which part of muscles is not working and then see how this part works usually and what might be the problem!

Any doctors which specialize in muscle anatomy?? :confused:

hi. Yes, all of my skin became saggy, pale, and elastic after taking Finasteride, and all of my muscles became soft. I am unable to build muscle or strength. I am a 2nd year student studying a Doctorate of Physical Therapy and I can tell you that nobody in our field has heard of or understands what PFS does to the musculoskeletal system. From what I understand currently, muscle density and responsiveness to exercise (and drugs) is based on androgen receptor density and sensitivity. It’s the theorized reason why some bodybuilders blow the fuck up when they take steroids vs some that don’t as much. It’s very complex man and nobody knows whats going on with PFS and why it’s doing this.

I wonder how much of our issues stem from the muscles themself, or if it’s due to improper nerve signaling from the brain.

Looking up demyelinating disease on wiki and many of the symptoms do align with PFS and it’s possible to inherit due to drug exposure.

Also I think it was @Papasmurf who had a MRI done which showed damage to his myelin. Not sure if anyone else share his experience.

I think this has to do with ammonia actually

Please elaborate.

I’m pretty sure you can be brain dead and take anabolic steroids and still grow muscle

Maybe, but can you flex them?