I’ve discovered that consuming a large amount of sodium makes my pfs symptoms go away. When I don’t have enough sodium, all the symptoms come back. Has anyone else had this happen? Does this point to the mechanism being hyponatremia? I’ve been told that hyponatremia causes easy bruising, and if I don’t bruise easily I don’t have a salt deficiency–and I don’t have a bruising problem. However there does seem to be a mechanism at work that is influenced by sodium levels, at least in my case. I feel the way I normally do when not taking TRT now (floppier erections and a bit less energetic, but average libido requiring 1-2 discharges per day, normal body temperature, no severe brain fog, no numbness, no dehydrated feeling,) as long as I eat my sodium.

I think this topic needs some discussion about Sodium.

Interestic case. Did you Tried BHB? Currently I AM in hospital. But i’m few weeks i will try sodium with BHB.