So tired, i want to die

I’m ready to die. My life has become a joke. Can’t deal with this fatigue. Feel like throwing up. I guess my genetics are straight up dogshit. Don’t want to work, but no one will understand. I honestly just want to die. It’s not a sad thing, I just don’t want to wake up and suffer again and again. It’s exhausting. I can’t even keep my head posture straight, my body can’t hold it’s own weight up.


My life has become a joke. Can’t deal with this fatigue.


extrem tired and fatuiged in bed. Afraid of going out in the cold Herbst weather.
Things going weird and unreal. Living only from pizza service.

My house is now a messi shelter need help from a mental health service.

I’m ready to die.


Why is there not a harmless way to get off of it all by a Merck pill, why is PFS so long and not a sudden death like after Vioxx. You Merck are specialists.

And I was such a self killing machine that I took the fucking poison.


This is horrible to read. I am super sorry for you. I really hope you don’t do anything stupid. I was there 4 years ago so I know what you’re going through. Today I’m almost recovered if that gives you any hope. What saved me was that here in Germany the social system supports you for a while if you quit your job. So that’s what I did. And although I had zero motivation and was extremely fatigued, I forced myself into the gym every morning, did a heavy workout and HIIT 5-6 days a week. After that I went home and stayed dead on the couch. Things got a lot better in the 2 weeks break I took after doing that for a month and from there on, recovery got easier.

Not saying quit your job, but maybe find a way to take time off and concentrate on that shit.

Don’t know if that does you any good. PM me if I can be of any help and best of luck,


I went through the same, for such a long time, with no one at all to speak to or share this condition with. I was absolutely miserable, and engaged in reckless behavior. Thank God, none of that killed me, because, PFS aside, things have gotten much better.

If I can offer a small bit of advice, please stop the pizza, and start eating healthier. That little bit would be a good start. Changing diet has really helped me a lot, as did just going outside each day, even for a little bit each day.

You have fellow brothers here who are suffering with you and understand what you’re going through and are here for you. Please reach out.

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I want to live from Brainfog
obsessive anxiety.
Life is boring and lethargic.
It feels like my hands and feet are frozen.



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I want to be me again. Not this living dead without any connections to the entire world around. Lonely among people. My garden is full of children. And I feel miserable as been alone.