Smoking tobacco blocks breakdown of DHT by inhibiting HSD
might be interesting for those who seem to believe insufficient 5ar expression in specific tissues is to blame for PFS symptoms

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That says nicotine increases. DHT, right?

nicotin is good for us ?

not sure about PAS but for PFS raising DHT has caused some to crash

Are there people on the forum who smoke? I have received reports from someone with PFS that nicotine improves his sexual symptoms. The presumed mechanism is by increasing DHT concentrations as per paper above.

I smoked for years after I got PFS, two packs a day, quitted years ago. It didn’t make any difference. If raising DHT was a solution, people would get better by using proviron and other synthetic DHT, but they don’t. I think smoking would only make you worse because it’s very bad for blood flow and general health.

I’ve been smoking since before PFS, quit for a short while during my crash period but then picked it back up. I don’t know if it makes symptoms better because I haven’t gone for a long period of time without smoking at all, but am currently trying to cut down gradually and depending on how that goes, quit at some point. Inshallah this doesn’t have a negative impact on my symptoms and if it does have an effect, it’s positive. I’ll let you know if I observe any changes.