Do any of you guys get a weird smell that comes from inside your brain? I don’t know how else to explain it, but since I have started neurotransmitter therapy, I have been getting this smell that is kind of chemically. It is coming from my brain and not from an actual smell in my environment. Anyone else??


Hey cdnuts - not sure if this cleared up for you soon after you made this post - I actually got these phantom smells a few months ago, over a year after I quit propecia, so I’m not entirely sure they are related BUT my hormones are still not sorted, phantom smells can apparently be hormonal in origin, and around the same time my gyno got worse as well.

Did you ever find out anything about these smells?

It’s chemical for me as well. For months I thought it must be some kind of pollution because I live in a third world country and wouldn’t put it past the factory owners here to dump some crap into the air.



I also felt this smell coming from nowhere almost burnt