Small Balls Big Hope Amino Acid Log


Sup guys. Trying out some aminos. Here’s my log.

Day 1 (3000 mg of taurine): took around 5 PM and didn’t feel anything. I woke up around 4 AM with a massive thirst (I strangely never feel thirsty anymore) and chugged a glass. Woke up another hour later still thirsty as hell so I chugged another glass.
When I woke up, I felt warm and maybe even hot. PFS has made me intolerant to cold in the last couple of months even though labs from 6 months ago say my thyroid is okay. It felt good to not feel cold in the morning!

Just so everyone knows, I don’t expect this to cure me. But maybe it’ll help alleviate some symptoms.

It’s so fucking weird how I never feel thirsty anymore. Thirst is a basic feeling almost every animal feels in order to keep themselves from dying… I’ll update this comment with my taurine experience to keep things easy for y’all.

Day 2 on 3000 mg of Taurine: I felt pretty good today mentally! I also felt like I had more energy throughout the day. It could be placebo, but my mind felt clear and I was a little more at peace than I usually am. The mood was contagious and I felt like socializing a little bit. I exercised and it may have given me more energy.

I didn’t get any of those thirst cravings I got last night. And my libido/erections didn’t change. I didn’t get any morning wood besides the mildly soft inflations I sometimes get.

If this continues (energy and higher spirits) I would probably take it indefinitely. It’s cheap and doesn’t have strong sides other than mild stomach ache.

Day 3: 3000mg Taurine and Ashwagandha Felt real good today! I got some head last night and it was outstanding (obviously). I feel like libido is ever so slightly higher, but most of the benefits I’m getting are emotional, energetic, and brain fog is lower. I got a slight soft erection today thinking about girls. I don’t know what Ashwagandha’s role in this was, but I think I’m going to keep taking it for stress and it raises libido as well. Sleep may have been a little bit better, too. I really hope these benefits stay like this, I always read these posts and you see a bad update around a week or two… I’m expecting the worst but hoping for the best.

Day 4 3000 mg Taurine Another day where I felt good. My appetite seemed stronger, and on top of that, I noticed my mouth was watering throughout the day. Hmmm it seems like perhaps my mouth has been chronically dry for a while. I got a couple of erections without even having to look at porn, too! This is definitely working for me, although I am still missing libido and towards the end of the day, I got tired. I’m in the middle of finals too, so the stress of that is playing a part in my condition. Overall, very happy with how I feel on this, and I’m going to add more amino acids. I haven’t felt this good in a long time.

Right now, I’m starting to think this could all be neurotransmitter related. It seems like many people here have improved by doing things to boost dopamine/serotonin. The trick part about boosting those is that you can’t do it in a way that will cause you to build up a tolerance and have less dopamine than you began with.

Day 5 3000 mg taurine I had erections throughout the night! I’d rate them 7/10. I was tired today, but only slept 5 hours or less due to finals. The day was also a haze cause I hit a weed pen a couple times throughout the day. Still managed to workout and I felt like I was a little stronger with less effort. Before PFS, I was a fitness nut and would run daily and lift daily. I tracked my calories. PFS took away my ability to workout like I used to. If I could get that back, I’d be so happy.

For my own sanity sake, I’m “expecting the worse, hoping for the best.” And that is that aminos, including taurine will be a failure and not a cure/treatment for me. But at this point in my disease, I’m willing to try out a ton of different things including aminos, prep, and choline agonists.

Day 6 3000 mg Taurine, 1000 mg tyrosine, 200 mg 5-HTP I want to add things into the dopamine/serotonin path way so I added the tyrosine and 5-HTP. Had an okay day. Felt the effects of the high coming off.

Day 7 3000 mg Taurine, 1000 mg tyrosine, 200 mg 5-HTP Had energy throughout the day and appetite. Feel good on this combo but I won’t take tyrosine and HTP daily cause I’m scared of oversensitizing dopamine path. Felt tired at the end of the night, but then I managed to stay up till 2 AM hanging out with my girl. Sex drive hasn’t really changed that much, but energy and clarity have. I feel a little more social, too.

Day 8 3000 mg Taurine + Ashwaghanda: Today was a good day! I woke up from the night before in good spirits and decent energy. Waking up has been 70% easier than before all of these drugs I’ve been taking. Before, waking up was a fucking chore. It took willpower, damnit. Now, it’s been a little more natural.

I also studied a ton today and it seemed without much effort. That felt good. I can’t tell if these results are from doing tyrosine and 5-HTP every other day, Taurine, or ashwaghanda. I don’t care. I feel much better. Libido is slightly improved (before it was at 15% now it’s at 35%) and erections are ever so slightly better (65% to 75%). Not a whole lot of change in the morning wood department. I’m currently taking taurine daily and tyrosine/5-HTP every other day. I might think about making the tyrosine/5-HTP twice a week instead for safety reasons.

I’m glad I have embarked on these aminos, 5HTP, and Ashwagandha. I want to take them for a long time and maybe ween off them. The ideal goal would be to have these supplements I’m taking “nudge” my body back to better wellbeing. I’m thinking about adding choline bitartrate to the mix soon, too. Like I’ve said before, I’m willing to experiment a little bit now. As safely as possible.



Man, i don’t have the time to fully read it. As i can see you had full ED and you got your erections back today? Wow nice!

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I never had full on ED except in the first few months. I’m now approaching year two anniversary of this. I can have sex without viagra, but they aren’t as full as before. Libido is also real low.

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When you say full - do you mean it’s softer? I have the same problem. No issues achieving but less feeling in the head and it’s softer. Like the skin isn’t super tight. Like before it would be painful to move it, now it just goes where ever it pleases like it’s on a loose swivel



Did you had any premature ejaculation issues? My ejaculations feel like clogged, pc muscles twitch weirdly and my orgasm build-up is gone these day. I reach to climax in matter of second. I don’t understand this problem…

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Yes, my erections are softer and my wang doesn’t get as thick or long as before. It’s as if less blood fills it.



I do have PE, but it has gotten better. It’s weird. In the beginning, when I couldn’t get an erection, I would orgasm with a soft dick. That freaked me the fuck out.

I’m better now and Can controll my orgasm better and I can only orgasm when I’m hard.



orgasm with a soft dick too. before pfs i wasnt able to but now its often the case. its not like my dick cant get hard. but im able to orgasm with a small dick in few seconds… no climax building , nothing. feels great lol

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Any update on the ashwagandha? What’s a safe brand to use?



I use it occasionally, about twice a week as needed on my most stressful days. It definitely calms me down a lot. I like it. Might make me hornier too, slightly. I used to take it all the time before PFS, and while I don’t feel it like I used to, it still has an effect.

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Does it seem like it helped with your sleep?

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I don’t have insomnia, and usually don’t struggle to fall asleep. rather my sleep isn’t deep and I wake up feeling super tired.

Since I take it in the morning, I can’t really tell you if it would help with sleep. I feel like it would since it takes the edge off of anxiety.

Perhaps try a small size bottle for a trial run, and take it as needed if it helps you in any way?



what makes me really angry about that is that this symptom me and cooper are describing is nearly the same. so it has the same route and its obvious that this is something physical, not mental lol. How could the doctors just ignore that ? you dont get these things like shrunken penis, genital numbness, PE through mental illness. and the most obvious thing is the reduced semen volumen. its the same like on the drug. 1 year ago was my last pill. so how is that possible ? really scary

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