Slurred Speech Issues

I made a similar post the other day about this. THIS is my primary issue followed by brain fog. I haven’t been able to speak properly for a year since starting Finasteride and recently came off it about two weeks ago after making the connection. This is followed closely by severe brain fog. My slurred speech is more of a physical issue than anything. There is a very weird pressure around my pallet/sinuses and numbness around my mouth that seem to be causing the speech issues. There are certain consonants and phrases I really struggle with that I’ve never had issues with in the past. Pronouncing “s” after “t” or vise versa is often difficult (as an example) and I can’t speak fluently - blood work, MRIs, EEGs, MRA, and EMG have all come back clear, so I’ve done the preliminary work. Has anyone experienced this or can relate?

Yes, I have the exact same issue. It persists for many years now and some days it’s better and on others it’s worse.

It’s worse when it’s cold or when I didn’t get enough sleep.