Slow Motion Vision / Cognitive Shift / Dementia *Post Here*

Trying to find all the people with any of the following symptoms:

Cognitive Shift/Dementia - Feel as if your in a different reality, there is no escape. You will know if you have it.

Slow Motion Vision - Vision feels fragmented, brain processing vision much slower, sometimes you can’t even watch TV because the frame rate.

Head Pressure - Usually in the back of the head, also includes inflamed feeling in brain


These are easily the worst symptoms and I’ve been dealing with them for a long time, just trying to find if anyone has had any relief from them.

I had to get out of the military and live with my parents housebound because of them, just really need some advice from people that have suffered these symptoms, I also have complete ED, no libido, and watery sperm, skin changes, but those symptoms I could easily live with.

Can’t live like this much longer, it’s pure torture beyond imagination.

Hang in there. We’ll find something. I’ve got the slow motion vision and brain (damage) fog. Insomnia, derealization, skin thinning, bad digestion too.

Yeah anyone who is trapped inside of a new mind because of 5ARIs please let us know!

My first post here and I totally understand you on this feeling of not being there or that everything around me has this flat emotionless feeling. Just wanted to let you know that you’re not alone with this. Hang in there.

hey man,

you had a spect and MRI right? Eveything looked fine? Any slight issues at all?

I now what you are experiencing but it all happened after i ate shit loads of BPA that on on top of PFS then an xray cause i had palputations. Only after that I have neuro symptos. in the morning my brain feels inflamed. I have not done a MRI because i have these jerks now and prob can not stay still for very long.

I dono how to explain any of it. I have strange red creasents in throat so I was thinking maybe its bacterial or viral? Something like lyme?

What’s up Vincent, haven’t talked to you for a while,

Yeah I’ve had many brain scans, as have others, none of us have anything show up.
It’s definitely a change in the brains chemistry, a unheard of change. New synapses probably formed and just totally, unbelievabley fucked my whole brain.

And “staypositive” thank you, but for me the emotionless feeling is caused from dealing with dementia/brain fry/cognitive shift for so long, it was indirect cause for me

Also, does anyone go on these forums anymore or just

Checking in but I’m sure all of you already knew I have this as well

i dont have this side effect but I wanted to say this really looks like some sort of poisoning like organophosphate poisoning. i think for some of us fin made (maybe cholinergic) excitotoxicity which made brain damage…

Have any of you tried low dose fluoxetine? It triggers neurosteroidogenesis, without effecting serotonin, which should be very beneficial to us since fin altered our neurosteroid levels. I’m seeing a psychiatrist and I plan to use it along with transcranial magnetic stimulation. Have a look at these research:

Please do come back to report your experience.

Hi. I haven’t tried it. I did try ECT which didn’t do anything.

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We all had this so thankfully it’s not permanent, I don’t remember what cured my low frames per second vision but most of the immediate PFS crash cognitive symptoms are caused by the suddenly ruined digestion and brain chemistry. It’s important to only eat safe foods like celery and steamed carrots and steamed cabbage for a few days in a row when you first get very sick to stabilize your mental health and rule out food allergy factors. Remember to help your body out and chew thoroughly, of course fasting also helps. If you need more calories you can add something like steamed broccoli or steamed potatoes or sorghum!

Keep track of what you eat because if you eat something and you notice strange symptoms like your mental state changing in the next 1-2 hours then you know it’s giving you problems.

When I took probiotics I improved from pfs about 20% within a week, my brainfog was greatly reduced. And a few amino acids like 5htp, Glutathione I improved another 20% within 2-3 weeks, my anxiety was lower and was able to sleep again.

The more you rebuild your digestion the more foods you can eat. Especially stay away from anything artificial like food coloring, sugar substitutes or preservatives. And due to adrenal fatigue stay away from fast food or candy, any stimulants or anything hard to break down.

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I am on this track too now, because the last symptoms i have are the mental ones. Hoping this helps me improving in this area.

@ignite what type of gulth did you take? I’m currently trying NAC but may add or switch to gulth.

I used to consistently have these symptoms after stopping my course of Accutane. This persisted for about a 1-1.5 years, but the only difference is that I felt pressure right on the front of my head (forehead, right between the eyes), not the back of it. Also, one thing I did notice was that it seemed to flare up when there was a lot of visual and auditory stimuli happening all at once, and it certainly felt as if my brain could not keep up with all that was going on.

Nowadays, it only seems to flare up when I’m dehydrated or hungry.


This is promising @BearOf17. My headaches are actually around my eyes and occur when I’m visually stimulated (like walking outside) or strangely enough looking in the mirror. It’s also caused a strange visual derealization where my brain isn’t fully digesting/interpreting the visual world around me. I see just fine, but it’s almost as if my eyes are set a few inches back, or something was “turned down” as if visual stimuli is dull. It’s very hard to explain but 100 percent obvious and debilitating to me. My image in the mirror is distorted (as if looking at an ever so slightly concave mirror). And other people’s faces are somewhat strange (I think because of all the fast muscle movement in the face). Anyways glad to hear you were able to overcome the headaches.

That’s promising - I’m having some of the cognitive shift issues currently and it’s quite annoying.
In your baseline state now do you feel normal (pre-fin vision)?


i have it exactly like you in the forehead. it gets worse when i eat or when im dehydrated…

hopefully that goes away

I had the cognitive shift and head pressure feeling too, but thankfully not anymore. Still have the slow motion vision though.

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