Slightly Elevated Prolactin, but everything else in range


I just got back from the endocrinologist. Unfortunately I was not able to take the test with me because of rules in my home country, but I had the following tested:

  • SHBG
  • Total Test
  • DHT
  • Estradiol
  • LH
  • FSH
  • Prolactin
  • TSH
  • FT4
  • Cortisol
  • AST[list][/list:u]

She said that everything was in range, except for Prolactin, which she said was about 4 points above the average range. She is sending me for an MRI just to rule out anything serious going on in my brain. She did say that it is very unlikely that it is something like a tumor because my prolactin would be elevated exponentially. She has given me another test for Prolactin to have done after the MRI and before I see her again. Has anyone seen this before? Only slight elevation of Prolactin, but everything else completely normal? I am worried that I am going to be one of those who look completely normal hormonally. My sides are mostly sexual and I have been off the medication for 14 months after taking it for 4 years. The good thing is that this endo seems sympathetic to my concerns and is willing to try bromocriptine or cabergoline if the elevated prolactin persists. She said if everything comes back negative she is willing to refer me to Dr. Keith Jarvi, a urologist who is recommended on propecia help.


me. as soon as i quit my only off range value was prolactin. around 3 points above…it consistently tests top of the range now .
if you squeeze your nipples, do you see any liquid?

I think finasteride may have messed D2 receptors, through 5ar, in the periphery and brain in opposite ways. let me know your experience with bromocriptine


That is interesting. No, I do not notice any liquid, but I certainly have puffy nipples and a little bit for glandular tissue development. Fortunately it isn’t too severe or noticeable.

Being that your prolactin is consistently off, have you tried prolactin inhibitor/antagonist yourself? I take a substance called Tianeptine for an unrelated reason and it is dopaminergic. I do find this stuff can increase my feelings of libido, however it will fade the more that I use it. I have to be thankful that I am not as symptomatic as some PFS sufferers, but the chronically null libido is very tough. It makes it near impossible to pursue relationships. I still have a desire for intimacy, but without the sexual drive, it is difficult to develop chemistry with the opposite sex.


hi, yes i tried several of them, including tianeptine, and serotonin based prolactin inhibitors. i tried ropinirole and ritalin.
none brings back any sort of normal male libido. prolactin is just a marker for this it seems, but it isnt going to be because of those few points of prolactin that your libido is suddenly gone. my belief is the prolactin is thrown off because the dopamine receptors and 5ht2a receptors are off. the libido issue probably comes (partly) from dopamine issues in some specific part/parts of the brain, likely the mesolimbic pathway (Ventral Tegmental Area, Nucleus Accumbens) and Caudate Nucleus. See here: … in_imaging

and here … ntal-area/

only thing bringing back my normal male libido was dexamethasone.


Interesting. The tianeptine seems to make my libido pretty good, but tolerance goes up so quickly with it and then I am just doing an absurd amount for anything so it’s not really worth it. I try to just use it here and there, but I’m not interested in these “band-aid” fixes. I took the drug for 4 years and have been off it for nearly 14 months. I have to imagine the prognosis is grim for my sides to still be in place so long after. Compounded with the fact that 4 years is a really long time to have stayed on it. I’m fortunate my sides aren’t as bad as some people on here, but restoring libido seems to be near impossible and I haven’t read much of anything for PFS sufferers who have accomplished bringing it back.

How long have you been taking dexamethasone? Do you need prescription for it? I wonder why an anti-inflammatory restores your libido. Do you recommend I give this a try?


Did you ever see dr Keith jarvi. What did he say?


I never bothered. I had emailed him about my situation and told him that my Endo didn’t have many ideas of what to do. He said that he wasn’t sure if he would have much else to add either so I never bothered pursuing it.