Sleep problems, hot flashes, anxiety

Does anyone here wake up with hot flashes in the middle of the night? Have to take my shirt off, just to realize it still doesn’t work. I drink water, turn the fan on and still nothing, just stress anxiety and regret runs through my body, keeping me from going back to sleep. Feel sorry for my gf has to experience me do this every night. Literally in the shower right now at 2am because I can’t get comfortable enough to go back to sleep. Has anyone had this and solved it?Reminds me of when I first started with this mess 5 years ago


I had the things you’re talking about, they resolved mostly with time. Sleep is still generally a problem for me, but I’m not likely to wake with my heart pounding or feeling waves of heat.

I have done nothing for this, I just waited it out.

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I was dealing with the same issues a few years ago.
The only thing that has resolved this problem was changing my diet.
That means Paleo AIP diet and less food for dinner.

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