Sleep, Insomnia, and Recovery


Yeah, I’m between a rock and a hard place right now.

Probably don’t want to be a guinea pig for Belsomra, anyway though, even if I can afford it and have access to it. God, I can’t even type with my left hand, anymore. Anyway, I could still try those OTC antihistamines like DPH as you’ve mentioned or like hydroxyzine which I still have some of. Weed is probably safer than all of that. Yeah, I wish I didn’t breathe in all that car exhaust during my attempt.


Well you’re giving conflicting information, if you can afford a $10 a day drug then I don’t know why you said you can’t afford that cooling blanket pad.

Antihistamines shouldn’t be taken with prostate issues, they aggravate it. Hydroxyzine is definitely not safer than weed, it’s pretty much xanax and prolonged use of those drugs leads to dementia later on in life.

If I were you I’d move out so you can do whatever you want with the AC and drugs like weed. You may have dropped out of school but you can get plenty of $30k+ a year sales jobs like inside sales reps without a degree. Hell, you could even lie and say you have a college degree cause most companies don’t even check. Then once you get some experience you can take the degree off your resume and be pretty much set. Or just take the SAT/ACT, get into college, and away from your parents. You don’t need to graduate high school to get into college.

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No, I meant that I don’t have the means for such an expensive drug. I meant hypothetically even if I were loaded and lived in the US and had access to such a new drug by Merck no less, I still would be real apprehensive about trying it.

I can hardly take care of myself in my current state atm due to my debilitating fatigue, but thanks for the tips.


Moving out and also being able to take care of my aging parents were sort of the goal all along that’s been hindered by my fin use.


Top rated Insomnia clinic in the UK

There is, it turns out, a London clinic that has achieved remarkable results. Founded in 2009 by Hugh Selsick, a South African psychiatrist, the Insomnia Clinic in Bloomsbury has revolutionised treatment for sleeplessness in the UK. As Britain’s only dedicated insomnia facility, more than 1,000 patients have passed through the clinic at a rate that has quickened to, in 2018, 120 new casesa month. According to the clinic’s figures, 80% of patients report major improvements, while almost half claim to have been fully cured. This success has earned the clinic an enviable reputation and a waiting list to match; patients can wait two years for a consultation.

Hugh Selsick,

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I think I read about this… its CBT-i which I really only think works in people with healthy brain chemistry


Q) How do I know if I’ve slept?

I start listening to a relaxing sound on my phone around 11pm to help get me to sleep. At some point the sound stops playing but I’m totally unaware until I look at my phone around 4am. It’s usually when light comes through the curtains or I hear the birds singing so I check the time.

I don’t feel like I’ve slept, is there something I can use which will know if I slept anytime between 11pm - 4am?


Something like a Fitbit? I think they can tell if you’re asleep or not and somehow what kind of sleep you’re having.

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