Sleep Improvement - for those who wake at night and then go back to sleep


My sleep has improved significantly. I don’t have any real problems in going to sleep at the end of the day now. In terms or amount of sleep, I’ve gone from zero to two hours a night, to something like a total of 8 hours per night.

This isn’t unbroken sleep and I’m trying to get to sleep for 8 hours without waking up.

Currently, something like 5-6 hours is the best I can manage before I wake up. I can normally get back to sleep after I wake but don’t feel that this results in the refreshment I am looking for and I want my body to be able to run the repair processes that go on in sleep.

Recently, I used to wake in the middle of the night, like a switch had been flicked and I was wide awake again. I am glad that seems to be over. Now, I feel like a more normal awakening has occurred, I feel a little groggy and so on. I think this is a positive change. I just don’t want it to be at 4am.

I’m wondering if maybe going back to sleep is to be avoided and that if I stay up from when I awake, if it’ll train my body into sleep as a “one shot” deal - that if I wake, then that’s sleep finished for that night and therefore my body should stay asleep for longer.

For those that have a similar sleeping pattern to me, have you experimented with different methods to help you sleep for longer?

If there’s a few of us, perhaps we could try experimenting and reporting our findings. I’m not interested in taking prescription drugs at this stage.


aside from medications, i use these things.

  • after waking up in the night, i take theanine
  • i repeat a mantra or…
  • i choose something to talk about with myself (eg. the solar system), and i have conversations, in my mind.

since you can sleep after all, this might help more than the way it helps me.
in my case, i get stunned. is not sleeping but is better than nothing.


I wake up too and it blows cause I have like a bunch of weird dreams I remember, but I think it’s mostly due to my frequent urination. I’m hoping once that resolves I’ll be able to sleep through the night again, but I don’t know cause sometimes I wake up without needing to urinate as the need is faint.

I don’t have any advice though besides exercise more and keep the ac on.


for me, if i urinate, is over.


I highly recommend experimenting with glycine for sleep improvement:

A.) Because it’s a harmless amino acid that we don’t get enough of in today’s diet. It’s known to help with sleep.

B.) Of all the medicines and supplements I’ve experimented with over the 10 years I’ve suffered from PFS, it’s been the supplement I’ve received the most positive results from, bar none.

C.) I think this has a lot to do with the fact that it increases allopregnanolone, which is highly related to PFS.

I’d be curious to see what positive side effects you observe from taking it. I don’t want to taint your observations with my own experience.


wow, i forgot this post… now, if i wake up to urinate, then i can fall asleep again. this happens since when i started the raw food protocol.


how much glycine? i found 500mg glycine pills, nothing more…


3 grams before bedtime is pretty standard


excuse me, may i know which glycine do you buy? brand, for example… in italy i found only this, by solgar!
and is expensive too!



I have bought Bulk Supplements powder on Amazon and also a brand called Now. Both work fine.


i took 6 grams of glycine and it did nothing… :frowning:


I have spent the better part of the last couple days researching Glycine. I think I am now convinced to give it a try. I have been using LUNA which for a supplement is actually pretty decent. I also have been doing Calcium Citrate and Magnesium Glycinate before bed. … plus a luke warm shower. I know CDnuts says to take a cold shower but for sleep thats not good. Its forced the body to raise core temp for hours, etc… You want luke warm, air dry so the skin is cool to the touch. (at least thats what I’m finding in my research) Anyway, I think I’ll take the plunge and order some glycine


What’s the risk of trying glycine?


There is a post on RayPeat of a kid who was taking Gelatin for the Glycine. He went into some kind of neurological shock. His arms and legs and penis went numb. He was admited to a hospital, etc… Its sound horrible. I just tried to find the post but I cant seem to dig it up. He was using some kind of Great Lakes Collagen or Gelatin.


Okay not trying it then lol


I think the kid overdosed on Gelatin from some shady supplier. I have read hundreds of posts of people using Glycine. Amazon has a Glycine product with like 2000 reviews. I’m sure its fine. But after getting fucked by Fin I research the shit out of every stupid supplement.





Rhodiola rosea


Mucuna puriens


What’s Nac? Is that an abbreviation?


N- Acetylcysteine. good stuff


Thanks Invictus, I’ll take a look.