Skype Weekly Online Meeting


Member (Gelhead) made a good suggestion to me, he asked if I would make a thread based on a weekly, fortnightly or monthly PFS online meeting, where us guys can join together in an online instant group chat facility on skype, which I personally think is a cracking idea as it can bring all us PFS victims together from around the world.

If you are on skype and would like to join the PFS online meeting, please reply here to this post, indicating if you would like a weekly, fortnighly or monthly online meeting.

I will then set up a ‘GROUP’ on Skype with all us contacts included so we can all share our view points.

All I would need in PM or in this thread would be your skype user id.

Cheers guys, awaiting your replies.

Hello Paul, i like your and Gelheads idea thank you for this…Only one Question is this Meeting to speak eachother or Chat??Because speaking is not easy for me but for a Chat i would be very interested…Please let me know…Thanks


It would be for a written chat

ok thats nice count me in

ı dont have a cam but ı would lıke to chat wıth you.

No cam is required

Skype only

I’m looking to hold a group meeting this Sunday at 8pm UK time

Please could all those interested please reply here or send me a private message with your skype id

Great idea, TH.

If the UK group is successful, perhaps you can expand into other parts of Europe.

And perhaps, eventually, get a global PFS summit going.

I think the idea is that it is open invite. Global from the start.

20:00 GMT converts to afternoon US. According to

That is correct GELHEAD, it’s global from the start

All PFS sufferers welcome from around the globe

but ı would lıke to say somethıng, please dont talk about so much negatıve thıng ın conservatıon. These affects me so much.

It’s going to be an open conversation for people to say anything they like, positive or negative

How about it be a conversation to discuss real-world strategies for raising awareness. For example, let’s discuss ways to get Paul on Sky News.

I’m up for that, yes, not a problem !!!

Great. Talk to you Sunday.

Ok this is a good idea. Would prefer to keep it steered on the path of media strategies and ideas.

It is going to be an informal talk. But let’s make an agenda. Here are two items so far:

  1. Getting media coverage of TIGERSHULL’s situation - as above
  2. What are the reasons people aren’t participating in the Baylor study - and how can we resolve these. viewtopic.php?f=33&t=8548&p=80833#p80833

Final request

All members wishing to join our first online skype group chat meeting tomorrow night at 8pm uk time needs to send me your skype id name by pm or reply to this thread

So far I have about 10 members set to join the chat tomorrow

Make sure your are online and logged into skype to join the discussion by 8pm uk time

Skype Group All Set, If anymore of you wish to join, just send me your skype id here or by PM



Last chance to sign up and join our meeting tonight at 8pm uk time

Just reply here or send me your skype id in private message

We need to get together to discuss ways forward and how to better publicise PFS etc

I’m looking forward to it bringing many members from around the world Together

Group Talk Starts In 35 minutes

To join in, please go online to skype and send me your user ID

The group will run from 8pm-9pm UK time today and every Sunday at the same time.

Please join in.

Add your skype id here or send me it in a private message.