Skin update / new symptoms

i dunno what the hell is going on. im no longer in control of my body in any capacity i feel. my body seems to change week to week, day to day even. one thing seems to get better while another thing falls apart.

here are notable changes since my last post

my skin has somewhat tightened back up. although not 100% its def better.

i NUKED my gut with probiotics after drinking so much coffee for months and having horrible hot burning acid reflux. i felt my guts start working again and was even able to isolate my lower abs while doing crunches at the gym . for months and months they felt like jelly.

i am sweating again. after YEARS of not being able too unless in a sauna for like an hour.
my veins have shrunk back to normal size after a couple years of them buldging. my arms would look like i was totally jacked but my veins were just swollen as fuck. when i would raise my arms they would dissapear.

ive put on more muscle when i couldnt for years. i have been lifting more but only because im actually able too now

i have been way way more irritable than usual. sleeping like shit and having zero energy. my brain chemestry is totally different it seems. im angry and depressed as hell. thinking bad thoughts constantly. no motivation.

my penis has shrunk too. after my veins went back to normal. my wang used to be really full and buldge out of my jeans. now its just average i guess (or back to normal). i can still get hard tho but it seems something was causing a vasodialation effect and now its gone.

i dunno dudes. im just shaking my head. im dumbfounded by this condition. it just doesnt make sense how this shit is even possible. i feel like a fucking mutant. mental and physical roller coaster. sorry for the rant but holy hell.

anyway here are things i feel have helped my skin situation

probiotics (although im going to lay off for a while as i feel they may be making my derealization a little worse)
working out even when i feel like death
cutting out anything inflammitory (coffee, even more from my diet, )
eating more meat (grass fed)
drinking tons of water
eating more vit c
fasting every few days

i for sure think the skin thing is tied to hormones. gut health play a major roll in regulating hormones and there is a noticeable improvement in that area. even after such a short span of time since my last post.

i have a big week long road trip at the end of the month im hoping my mood improves before then.

hope you all are doing okay and i think my skin tightening up a bit does signify there is hope for others too as well.

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There’s some positive stuff there man, I am pleased to hear it. I have been worried about you.

I think any kind of improvement (even if it’s not across the board) is a good sign.

I hope you can dig deep and find some positivity in these changes to help your mood and that you keep us updated.



so my skin seems to be yo yoing from tight to loose although never as loose at it was. today when i pinch it snaps back with ease. yesterday it was looser and kinda like pulling putty.

one major and worrying change is whats going on with my junk. ive had Ed problems my whole life. its come and gone to varrying degrees. id say i went a solid 2 years there where my penis was very plump and full. although my libido wasnt great i could get and maintain an erection no problem. i was ROCK hard. felt like i could break a brick. i think it maybe have been the ashwaganda i was taking. i stopped taking it 4 months ago because i think it was making me sick. like mood wise and cognitive wise. it also made me really hot all the time. about a month ago i noticed my veins were no longer super dilated and my penis became cold to the touch. and slowly it was like the life being drained from it over the month. now its like rubber. maybe 1/4 of what it was flaccid. hard to keep up. zero libido. zero desire. i went swimming a few days ago and my dick looked like a chewed piece of gum.

i think the ashwaganda crashed me.

now the question. do i go back on? or wait this out and hope it gets better some. mentally i have been feeling pretty okay the past few days after having some very very dark days last week. ive been more attentive to things i need to do. more creative and thinking clearer than i have in well…months, idk what to do its always one thing for another. rn im just going to ignore my dick and enjoy the clarity. no toying with it or trying 2 wank. im not dating anyone anyhow. ill probably take the ashwaganda again because im an idiot and my need for sex/insecurity will take over. im trying to be zen about it in the moment.

I’ve had all those penis symptoms without taking any supplements.

You may find that things get better / worse without intervention. I don’t know why it happens for me. Obviously if I could, I would stop any downswings from occurring.

Oh, and fill out the survey.


Skin update:

Things are worse than ever. It feels like my skin isnt connected to my body. I can pull and stretch everywhere. Even my forehead! I really think i have a connective tissue dissorder cause all my joints are aching but also feel more fluid. Like they are breaking down. Muscles have broken down and are like sponges. Heart is racing / out of breath after even the slightest task. This aint good

I was really young and not sexually active when i took accutane im filling out the survey best i can but i have to make shit up for like half of it because i cant remember that young or it doesnt apply

That’s great, put a note in the comments box to flag that up.

I’m glad to hear from you, by the way. I know you have just had a bad time again, but when you’re next having a less bad time, feel free to let us all know about that too.

I hope you’re due some good luck soon.