Skin Issues

I have been two a few dermatologist about hot flashes, etc…

Now i have skin issues after quitting proscar for 3 months now. I thought it was the proscar causing my hot flashes but it might not have been. Dont know. Anyways, my skin now is very hard to tan. It has freckles on front my legs which was non existent before when i was taking proscar. I have litte ingrown hairs on back of my legs as well as thighs. Also my arms and legs get red blotchiness when i run or just get hot in general. I cant tan like i did a few months back. It just gets red blotches and sometimes a few pimple like things on my upper arm. Alot of this happened after I quit proscar? I think this is all hormone related and need to know what to take to get my skin back to normal. Like i said, the outside of my arms have more freckles and are blotchy red. No itch, no burn, just visible. And i cant tan like either. Very strange because i am not pale. My face is somewhat bettter. I can tan better but sometimes i get a few breakouts. Please help me?


This has been answered. Atleast myself and ithappens had the same issue! I was pale and constantly got hot flashes and my face was all red. I still have red patches on my cheeks and get all red if I’m even a bit nervous or uncomfortable. I think it has to do with low T and/or high female hormones. AFAIK T makes a man’s skin thick and oily and some seem to get paperthin pale and dry skin on/after fin with hormonal imbalances of different kinds…

If that’s your only problem, consider yourself lucky

Same here in respect to skin… I’ve become very pale and my skin soft - a rather sickly look. This is especially difficult beneath the eyes where the dark circles formed. I very loosely suspect the hormonal imbalances to explain this… most possibly an elevation in female hormones. Don’t know for certain though.

I know this is old, but I’ve been on clomid for 6 days and my skin color is already appearing darker. Albeit, i just took some sun. But before when I would get sun, it would almost immediately fade and I was having a hard time keeping any tan. I read that testosterone and melanocytes are linked somehow, but wasn’t sure how true that is.

Cortisol can be tied in here too.

I had the same inability to tan problem and now have awful psoriasis. I can tan somewhat but not anything like pre fin.

Approx. 21 months off of propecia and for the last month or so, I’ve been getting hives. Maybe 3 one week, 0 the next, 2, 0, 3, etc.

They are small, about 3/8ths of an inch in diameter. I have no clue what’s causing them and obviously my first thought is always propecia.

I usually get them in the left or right lower rib areas. They last about 4 days. Just wondering if anyone else is having similar issues and has a clue on the cause/remedy.


I had dermatographism following fin and I don’t know what brings it on.

Hey guys,

The hives I used to get occassionally seemed to have gone away. I still have a lingering eczema/folliculitis issue on my forehead, neck, scalp and behind my ears.

I don’t know if this is bacterial, fungal or something else… but, I’m hoping someone had this and found a way to get rid of it. My shit doctor will not give me a dermatologist referral, saying there’s nothing I can do about it (which may or may not be true). Same doc who said propecia sides should be all gone out of my system in about 6 months.

Thanks in advance.

I also noticed a very remarquable decrease in my ability to tan since PFS settlled in. I used to tan very easily, almost never had sunburns, and along with PFS i didnt tolerate the sun as well, my skin would get reddish and sometimes burn with sunbathing instead of immediately get dark and tanned like it used to.
It has gotten much better now, maybe because of my supplementation with vit D3 and tyrosine?

Explanation :

Tyrosine is a melanin precursor, and Vitamin D3 upregulates tyrosine hydroxylase (which metabolizes tyrosine into L Dopa, and L dopa into melanin)
“Vitamin D increases expression of the tyrosine hydroxylase gene in adrenal medullary cells”

“Tyrosinase, the primary enzyme in melanin synthesis commonly mutated in albinism, oxidizes l-tyrosine to l-dopaquinone using l-3,4-dihydroxyphenylalanine (L-DOPA) as an intermediate product”

In this med students forum, i read that tyrosinase and tyrosine hydroxylase are the same enzyme
so the conversion pathway is :

Tyrosine --> (via tyrosine hydroxylase) --> DOPA --> (via tyrosinase, aka tyrosine hydroxylase) --> --> --> Melanin

Also, testosterone appears to upregulate tyrosine hydroxilase :

“Molecular aspects of the regulation of tyrosine hydroxylase by testosterone.”

Now I understand why my tan got even better ( pre-fin like) while on HCG

By the way, I think EVERYBODY here should be supplementing with L-Tyrosine (on an empty stomach) since it’s a precursor to both dopamine and melanin with which most of us seem to have problems with (libido, tanning)

I would like to add to my above recommendation to supplemnt with L-Tyr and D3, and/or with testosterone-boosting subatances (such as HCG)a word of caution to those suffering from hypertension.
I have already posted links about the relationship between blood pressure and dopamine
And we know that steroid users experiment increase in BP while on cycle (I did on my Hdrol cycle)
Well tyrosine hydroxilase also leads to epinephrine and norepinephrine, which raise BP.

Here is a study that sums it up
“These results suggest that androgens contribute to the development and maintenance of hypertension in SHR via sustained enhancement of tyrosine hydroxylase synthesis in the adrenal medulla, leading to increased epinephrine and norepinephrine levels.”

And to those whom have noticed (and maybe welcome) a decrease in BP along with other PFS symptoms, this is probably why

Some of us have tried tyrosine, the problem is it stops working and you can end up worse off when your body stops responding to it.

I have been using tyrosine on an empty stomach for almost 3 years now, haevnt experienced negative effects. Maybe it would be wise to “cycle” it though. I could see a possible issue with dopamine receptors downregulation with prolonged use… Maybe I should try an antipsychotic for several days (like seroquel) to see if I notice an increase in my sensibility to dopaminergics.
I have also been on 2.5mg selegiline EOD for more than 2 years. It has also helped.
I am going to do a full thyroid panel test with rt3 soon too. Tyrosine is also a T4 precursor i think, If i prove somehow hypothyroid maybe it is also why it is so benificial to me.

I’m glad it’s workingnfor you. Ithink it could be beneficial for me butni got tolerance effects after a week so I’m not suremcycling would help…

I have started to notice I have that weird tan resistance thing happening also.

Curious if anyone else has tiny little skin colored bumps on their neck/chest/back? Used to think it was folliculitis, now leaning toward milia maybe? Really starting to piss me off. These things don’t want to go away like acne.

If anyone managed to solve or even figure out the cause of their skin issues, I would love to hear about it.

I get the red dry flaking skin blotching on my face and neck. Seems to happen every summer now. I pop open a vit e gel cap and apply it directly. Helps somewhat. I do believe this is Fin related. My skin was just fine before it. Perhaps this is an issue with 5AR1 since it is expressed in skin tissue.

100% fin related… I never had skin issues before at all. 5AR1, hmm?

I wonder if thyroid/cortisol meds would fix this?

Agreed. In the sun I just got all hot and red, remained pale with white blotchy dots. It felt sickening to be in the sun. This is the total opposite of my pre fin personality when I was like a reptile, I loved the sun. Add to this now dermatitis, psoriasis, overheating quickly, inability to sweat, and I’m now the opposite of what I used to be.

Also agreed. The last two times I was sunburned it looked more like a blochy rash than a sunburn. I have never tanned well but this rash like burn is new since fin.

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