Skin has completely tanked

have been having some issues with my skin over the past few years. loose, saggy, rubbery, stretchy. but man oh man. over the past 2 months or so it has taken a complete nose dive. its SO loose and stretchy ALL OVER my body. it used to just be my mid section, sides and butt. and the underside of my arms and sometimes my neck but now its everywhere. it feels like my skin isnt even connected. like im wearing a skin suit like fuckn buffalo bill! this is horrible! i want to cry. i have. im wondering if i do have ehlers danlos syndrome.

i have been drinking a ton of coffee which i know is bad for collagen and i do smoke too. like a chimney. but so do like a billion people on earth so there have to be other factors!

side note : i want to quit smoking but everytime i try it makes my derealization SO bad that i can only last about 3 days before i completely loose it. need that dopamine and im scared ill never be able to stop smoking**

mybe its low estrogen? i know its needed for collagen synthesis. dudes i can not describe how bad it is. my arms are like sleeves of skin. i can pull two inches of skin off my calf muscles. oh and my muscles are mush too.

was looking at pics from a year and a half ago when i was originally freaking out about my skin and id do anything to even end up back there!

i dont know how much more i can take of this

never. ending. nightmare.

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could it be just a crash? can it get better? im done with coffee and will increase my vit c intake. god i hope it gets better

Have you been taking lately any supplements, vitamins or drugs appart from those you mentioned?

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I have the same thing and the skin is also totally numb.
Is EDS or a deficiency of estrogen-like collagen.

Me and @Dknighten are experiencing this

I’m not much for posting my face on this site, but here you go; This is all over my body, collagen and subcutaneous fat completely depleted:

Fuck. Have you seen any improvements?

Nah, i noticed it slowly after the numbness faded away, my face felt different and very loose, tried stretching it and was baffled by the damage, noticed it on my body before though.

Might be able to tighten up a bit, but think cosmetic surgery is the only option if you want it pre-fin, don’t see how skin atrophy/collagen depletion can be corrected without interventions.

It’s DHT depletion can you get erections?

I know, yes i can luckily now. The skin has changed down there, and is very soft during flaccid state, in my case my ED was due to a strain in my bulbocavernosus muscle, i can feel a tightening that gets worsen during bowel movements… Liver flushing made me temporarily impotent aswell, think for me the nerves were damaged the most, along with thinning skin/atrophy/loss of sub fat & collagen depletion.

But Vanilla classic is out, so can’t complain. lvl 20 UD rogue bois.


vit d
omega 3

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Some of these stuff can contribute to your worsening. @Demon got fucked from a single dose Vit D3 50k UI, dunno how many you are taking tho, I got deficient on Vit D3 and currently taking 4000 UI a day, have no choice… dunno about the others, but it is quite possible that some of those stuff you are taking to lead you down the slope… This condition is no joke, simple things that would not do any harm to a normal healthy person, will fuck us big time.


totally i cant believe how sensitive i am to anything i put in my body. i went from drinking and eating and drugging whatever i want to not even being able to tolerate simple vitamins. insane

I have this in my face and since last week it is very bad. I can stretch the skin in my face and neck very easy and it looks like I got no fat or muscle under my skin. I got it from mirtazapine I dont know how its possible.