Skin changes from finasteride?

Hi just wondering if anyone else has experienced skin changes? My skin looks so dry now and under eye wrinkles more pronounced also my entire complexion looks so dull and grey and pale
i look sick

i dont understand i eat so well drink water and exercise but i look terrible?

Yes, definitely has changed.

What do i do man i tried everything moisturizer, fish oil , supplements etc what can i do?

No idea bro. I’ve stopped experimenting with products after my fail with 5-HTP. I just use lotion for eczema and that seems to work for dry skin.

The skin over my entire body gradually changed in the course of about 8 months after taking 1 pill of Finasteride. That was 2 years ago. Nothing has improved with regards to skin, muscles, and hair. All my skin turned to a very ghost pale, sickly color and my skin thinned all over.

Thats sort of insane, not that I dont believe you.
This has to be something else, not to say it wasnt triggered by the drug.

Hey man, how long after crash did you notice skin changes? (is it also dry?)

Don’t take my word for it, go to the “photos of body changes thread”, I’ve posted pictures and even videos. It’s some of the more severe, life-changing effects from PFS man. That’s why some guys on these forums with more severe problems get irritated seeing guys moan about their limp dicks or watery sperm. Like I legit see so many guys who can still build muscle and their body responds to exercise and they don’t have cognitive impairments, but they spend years complaining about low libido… like if you only knew man. Not that those aren’t problems, but these drugs can seriously fuck guys up in ways I never even thought would be possible to be honest. It’s from Finasteride 100%. It shut something off inside my brain and body. It changed my life overnight.


See I never experienced a textbook “crash”. I took the pill and like 10 hours or so later I was just completely distant from my body, like I was trapped in a bubble. I couldn’t even think inside of my head. That inner voice was gone. Felt like I was dead to be honest. Muscles grew cold, weak, and shaky. It just progressed from there. It’s like something shut off two years ago. Skin started getting wrinkly, dry as a bone, rubbery, like I was aging 20 years over the next 5 or 6 months. I noticed I could be outside in 90 degree heat and exercise and my entire body and skin was still cold and clammy to the touch. All my hairs got very dry and thinned all over. Skin lost texture and gained weird rubbery fat on my thighs, backs of my arms, literally like an old guy. Nothing has improved. Skin started getting really oily for a month or two after I took the pill and then just went dry completely.

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The ‘my symptoms are worse than your symptoms’ is bollocks mate. Leave it out. Too much of that on here

Sorry to hear man. For us that altered AR theory sounds like an explanation behind our symptoms. That your skin went oily after shows that you had overexpressed AR after finasteride and it then came to a point that it rather shut down and so your skin went dry and wrinkled.
I had the classic crash after 4 pills man. Had a sudden penile shrinkage like it wanted to grow inside me. Still suffering from penile and testicular shrinkage, but as far as this topic, my skin just got dry on my hands palms and even that seem to have improved. Our androgen receptors shut down differently in every single PFS’er I guess. I wish science could figure out how to re-optimize our AR to default settings…

I suffered from severe psoriasis that began 1 month after stopping. Luckily it’s improved significantly over the past two years. I have no history of psoriasis nor does it run in my family.

Yeah I hear you. The way you describe things and go into detail I think could actually be helpful to some in the long run. I think hopefully we can learn from some of the more extreme cases as to what might be going on.
Your not far off from what I have experienced at times, if this state can be so easily induced hopefully it can be reversed as well, but the more time that passes the harder it will become.
As far as treatment and whats been looked at on here, id say theres maybe a scenario where there is only one right, one right avenue to pursue.
If that were the case, absolutely everything else would be the wrong thing to do, and its why people find themselves in a further hole.

You know actually the shittest part of all my sides that maybe a person wouldnt think?
Gum Recession.
Because its permanent, its an indicator of there is no going back, something that cant be undone.

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You’re not going to change my opinion about it.

I have personally experienced worsening gum recession with PFS. I’ve always had thinned gums and slight recession on my front bottom teeth, but, for whatever reason, my gums have thinned further and have become more recessed since PFS. And yes it is definitely disheartening because it needs surgical intervention to fix.

Ive seen you are in your 20s.That is very young to have periodontal disease. Mine hit me mid 30s and it did seem to follow some sort of triggering event, 20yrs after I had taken Accutane. The whole upper side receded. My bone structure is still good, they didnt even think it was a hygiene issue. My dentist was surprised and was like “How hard are you brushing?”
I hope something gets figured out for you my friend.

A lot of my recession is genetic. I consulted with a surgeon and he’s seen many cases like mine. It’s recession around the lower front and around the upper/bottom canines. It absolutely sped up after taking Finasteride though.