Skin Changes: brown spots, wrinkles, hair etc. With photos

I guess it’s about time to upload some pictures.
Let’s start with this: this morning i woke up and found these light brown spots on my hand.
Does anyone got this?!

Yes, pfs patients report this. You probably noticed skin pigmentation changes is a question in the survey.

I had one of these spots! For whatever reason, I scratched at that skin there like a madman, and I noticed that skin flaked off easily and I was able to remove the spot by scraping it with my nails. I didn’t have to scratch hard to do it. It didn’t grow back.

I don’t recommend you scratch yourself like I did, but it’s interesting it didn’t grow back on my skin after I removed it.

I have a dark brown spot around/under my left eye and some aging marks on my left hand too. Weird it’s only been on one side of my body. Maybe from sun exposure while driving? Not sure.

@Go_Faster_Sonic, In case you were looking for a word to describe these brown patches:


(Not) funny how these garbage drugs seem to trigger medical conditions that are almost exclusive to females to develop in males.

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I guess that’s what happens when you nuke DHT in men?

Thanks for the reading material

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Fucking hell! I noticed that today on my right arm

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This morning has completely disappeared!
next i’ll show you pictures. Yesterday i had my weekly 24h fast and every day after the fast i feel soo weak and lazy that i don’t even want to take pictures.

Talking about dermatologic issues, as i previously reported, some pubic hair were turning dark again.
Well, i found a scalp hair on my tshirt, i took it, i watched it and i found out that my scalp hair are turning dark again too :slight_smile:

Gone. P.s. look at all those wrinkles.

My nails got very thin, soft as rubber.
Maybe they’re turning back to normal…

In the pictures i attach you can see the difference between the inner (the root) and outermost parts of my nails, with some protuberances here and there delimitating the two parts.

Hope i can upload a video i made showing how soft my nails are.

I have the same happening to my nails!! But only my toenails. I’m glad that my nails are growing back healthy again :slight_smile:

I never really connected this with PSSD but thinking back my nails are growing slower, break faster and look brittle eversince (also finger nails)

are your nails “elastic” and soft like mine (picture n. 4)?

My finger nails got harder, but my toenails are still way less hard and easy to bend

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good. hope this means we’re on the right way to recover. are you following any kind of protocol?

I’m not on any protocol currently.

Here is a picture of one of my toenails btw

nice. when did you stop fin?

I never took fin, I took sertraline (ssri) but my PSSD also has some PFS symptoms. I stopped 11 months ago

Hands, wrists, toes and toenails.
wrinkles, skin emptied from the inside and other strange stuff.

@Go_Faster_Sonic have you seen any improvements since these were taken mate?

nope, got worse.