Skin Cancer from Fin?

Hello Guys,

this is my first Post but it will not the least.

I got the PFS since 2016. :frowning:
Since I stopped taking the drug, I kept getting new moles. I have never had problems with birthmarks and there are no cases in the family either.
So far over 10 pieces have been removed in one year.
Partly with positive results in the early stages.
(malignant melanoma)
Every month I get new little black dots
on the skin which is monitored and operated on.

Does anyone have the same “symptoms” or an idea?

Of course, I don’t go sunbathing

Sorry for my bad English, I’m from Germany



Yes I have lots too. I had next to mine prior to PFS. Loss of sebum, dramatic ageing if the skin will no doubt be factirs

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I also had a malignant melanoma removed about a year after finasteride. I never assumed a correlation between them, but wouldn’t be surprised.

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Nothing is off the table with this madness

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I don’t have any moles but I have an inflamed lingual tonsil, left ear is clogged and painful, somewhat painful left side of face/jaw, and sort throat on left side. I’m worried it could be some type of head and neck cancer. After reading this thread now I’m even more terrified. I’m sorry to all of you that have had to go through that, that’s awful for anyone but especially young people.

From the information I’ve gathered, I think finasteride (or the post-finasteride process) damages our DNA which could raise cancer risk as now our cells don’t all function properly.

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An increased risk to cancers has been documented. A number of guys including me have had testicular cancer as a result of this shit

Oh my gosh. I’m extremely sorry to hear that. I honestly thought it was only prostate cancer that could result from PFS. How long after you quit did you get diagnosed with that?

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I was on it at the time and I didn’t know the cause of my deteriating health started fin late 90s, cancer 2006, stopped taking it 2017 when I discovered PFS. Ive got an unbelievable list of symptoms

I read your first post and I share a LOT of your symptoms. How old are you? You must’ve been young when you got diagnosed with TC.

I’m getting on a bit actually. I was in my late 30s when I got TC. I really don’t know how I’m still here tbh. I don’t know how I haven’t suffered a major event nothing works properly anymore my systems and brain are in chaos there is visible destruction everywhere yet the doctors still think I’m simply depressed. It’s hard to believe. How about you Wings and where are you from?

I’m currently 26. I started fin at 21 and quit at 23. I live in Canada. The doctors here also don’t really believe me about finasteride, they all say it’s safe and don’t think it is the cause of my problems. But I’m worried because I legit might have cancer. I’ve got hard pea-sized lumps beneath my tail bone underneath the skin. They’ve been there for 2-3 years. Also had burning mouth syndrome for a couple weeks but it went away two weeks ago. Went to a dentist and she said I have leukoplakia but then went to an oral pathologist and she said it was gone and my mouth had no signs of cancer. But now one ear is kind of blocked plus my lingual tonsil is still inflamed and I’ve got a sore throat and a slightly hoarse voice. So I’m scared that I have cancer. But idk how I could given there’s no family history, I’m a non smoker, non drinker, non tobacco user, no sexual experiences so it can’t be HPV. Anyways sorry for rambling. I’m very sorry that we’re all suffering with these stupid sides that just won’t go away. I’ve had frequent urination for four years, had scans done nothing found. I have to live with it. I just wish they’d finish that Harvard Baylor study and get us some answers so we can find a SOLUTION.

Sorry to hear that wings I thought I had a rare form of cancer for a long time. None of our sides show up in any tests hence why Merck get away with continuing to sell this poison. I also have the pea like lumps in many places. None of this is normal. Considering how long I’ve had this and in the progressive form I really don’t know how I haven’t developed more tumours since 2006. Suicide is a more probable outcome for the severe cases as the symptoms just get too much. No help no nothing. Don’t hang onto Baylor or anything else. Supps etc do nothing to help those that wouldn’t have naturally recovered. Try to live your life as best you can. With time things may settle

One thing I can for sure say is that there’s no way this is in our heads, like some “experts” think. These sides are real and persistent. I hope things do eventually settle for us, but as far as I can tell the longer they stay the less likely they are to go away.

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Also I forgot to ask, did you have any of those lumps checked?

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Mate its down my list there are so many pyhsical changes the doctors don’t listen anymore. In more worried with whats happening to my brain

Dude you’ve had testicular and skin cancer. How could the doctors not take you seriously at this point?

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It’s just unbelievable they think I’m depressed even though I present so many visible changes which aren’t normal.