Skin burning sensation (4mg over two weeks.)

Hi guys.

Just looking to share my experience and get some input .

So, I took finasteride for two short periods three months ago.
The first time I took 1mg Monday and Wednesday. After the first dose I noticed a strange penile sensation of retraction and extension when going to sleep. It was as if some interference in signalling was taking place, and it went on for hours. This continued for about a week after the second dose. Other than that I didn’t have any other side effects. Having experienced this I decided to take a week break.

The next time I started I micro dosed a total of 2 mg over 5 days. By the end of this period I was experiencing a burning sensation almost everywhere on my skin (that lingered for a few days after my last dose), began feeling depressed in a very strange, biochemical way that I couldn’t influence through my own thinking, and had a marked decrease in penile sensitivity. Experiencing this I decided to stop.

Now in the present, I have made a full recovery from these very concerning side effects.

Has anyone else experienced this skin burning sensation? It was very pervasive and unlike anything I have ever experienced. Is it a common sign of a reaction to finasteride?

Hi @Aquilla, welcome to the forum! I’m happy to hear that the symptoms resolved. (Makes me wonder why you’re here though - go live your life and enjoy a functioning body and brain!)

I can definitely relate to the"chemical depression". Skin-wise I’ve mostly has very dry skin and the feeling that it’s become more elastic. Perhaps someone else can weigh in?