Signaling to Nerves

I’ve heard some talk on here that it’s not necessarily nerve damage but it may be a SIGNALING issue…

Is this something that maybe with technology can be fixed? Or when the signaling is malfunctioning that’s it?

I’m not a biology guy at all and was looking for a ray of hope from anyone who can shed some light

I don’t have the answer, but Googling suggests that lots of nerve problems CAN be fixed either with time, or indeed surgery.

What you’ve got here though is an unproven guess at what might be wrong. And you’re pinning your hopes on that being something that can be fixed.

If I guess that the problem is incurable brain damage, will you feel bad? Was I right? No idea, I guessed.

Try to not put yourself through it.

It is inevitable that people will guess and hypothesise about what is wrong and then people will catastrophise and say that there’s no recovery or that it’s very difficult or expensive, or something else.

This isn’t a good use of your time, don’t stress about it. You won’t get any information you can act upon.

Please join in with the effort to get this condition recognised so that people who do have the understanding to diagnose the problem can start to do so.

There is no advantage to stressing yourself out.



I doubt that its a peripheral nerve issue…PPL with anhedonia who never touched Finasteride or SSRI report very like symptoms including the numbness…I think its a brain issue where the signaling in the brain is diminished to the point it takes a huge load of stimuli to activate or evoque sensations…Theory after theory but nothing to do even test anything out…Frustrating!


I appreciate what you’re saying and yes, I do catastrophize most of the time and it is exhausting

What has it gotten me? Nothing and nowhere
Yet I still do it

It’s just the literally has been the bane of my existence and I’m sick and tired of it

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