Sick of all of this

I feel so sick. I see some dates of
Why everything I try to post something a big blue bar with post suggestions obscures mytyping and cannot be removed. Fine I’ll type even if it comes out as gibberish. Not my fault.

There must be someone who has the neuropathy pain. There must be someone who knows what I need to do next and not bombard me with an insane regimen.

I see dates far back of people posting and feel sick. Knowing that these forums existed well before I took fin. It makes me livid I didnt know about them.

To say I’m not coping is an understatement. The neuropathy pain, extreme dryness, and the fatigue is killing me. My family a discussed sectioning even though I’ve told them the worst of this is from the condition due to fin. Mental Heakth teams say I dont meet their criteria anyway.

Meanwhile I’ve now noticed very bad tinnitus and cramping. Insomnia is new and I get mini panic attacks at night.

I’ve had people on here insist my nerve pain is a result of anxiety (it isnt) and people come up with massively varying ideas as to treat all this. Posts are sometimes overly laden with jargon. One guy said that 5ar is the problem and I need to get spinal fluid testes. Some have got angry i havent immediately followed their suggestion.

I look to before my crash and see a wo.serful charismatic, creative, very intelligent. And very handsome man (been told it for many years)

Now the symptoms and chronic loneliness and loss of my dreams is killing me.


Hi mate I relate to everything your saying. I can confirm that the nerve pain is not linked to the anxiety. Other than they are both symptoms of pfs. I’ve had an increasing list of symptoms for years and tried almost everything. Some supps give temp relief because they lower dht but have ended up making me worse the same goes for lots of foods. On a positive front and out of desperation I tried Bacopa as per a recent thread. I took one pill on Thursday and throughout yesterday symptoms dropped off. I normally get testicular pain when my dht is lowered and this hasn’t happened. Even the anxiety lifted and my gums weren’t painful for the first time in years. unfortunately everything is starting to slide but I’ve only taken one 500mg capsule. Because of our sensitivities I’m treading very carefully. I’ll take another dose tonight. Apparently it effects the gaba. Gaba issues can be tied to virtually every symptom we have. So this maybe worth a try. Check out the recovery post which covers this in more detail. Stay positive man, the loneliness and anxiety are the worst they’ve cost me dearly but I still soldier on, that’s what we have to do


You have serious chronic nerve pain all over your body? How do you deal with it?

Is there a list of the supplements I should be taking? Thanks

I do mate its terrible and in too of all of the other symptoms. Prior to knowing I had PFS I’d tried most things to combat my growing list of shit. Lots of supps burn people me included. I wouldn’t go bear prescribed drugs as they can cause more perm damage. Re the supps you could try a few, if I’ve reacted I stopped immediately and returned to baseline but some people have had further, persistent damage from use of supplements like tribulus, resveratrol and milk thistle (to name a few) so it can be dangerous. Exercise and lots of water are the best things. Ditch carbs sugar and alcohol too. I’d give the bakopa a try. I’m not saying it will def help but tread with caution. Also I took gabba years ago and it helped me immensely in every way. Muscle, mood, training, cognition. I was 10 years into PFS at the time but still taking it.

10 years and still it’s unknown and ignored.

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I’m 20 years in now only found out the cause f my demise 2.5 years ago never took it since but deteriated in every way.