Sia announces she has a neurological disease (symptoms sounds a bit like some of our severe cases here)

I just read the symptoms they sound very similar to some of the more severe cases of PFS on here. Anyone ever heard of this? Maybe treatment protocols are available? I didn’t do much research… I just saw the article and posted it. I apologize if it is too unrelated.

They name the syndrome she has in the article, I googled it and found this site talking about treatment options:

Possibly helpful to some sharing the symptoms, but very much a case of managing it, not curing it.

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I see there are some clinical trials targeting the genetic mutations. I think this type of research could very well transpose over to fixing some of our genetically noticeable changes that appear in 23andme results. I believe science is moving faster than people realize on here. Maybe not directly researching PFS but other genetic conditions / treatment like orphan diseases which have great funding and expedited FDA approval (ie Sarepta Pharmaceuticals)

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