Shriveled penis

Anyone recovered from shriveled, shrunken and numb penis before? Any protocol I can follow? DHT cream, TRT, … ?

TRT did nothing in my case still was numb shrunken and dead feeling the whole time I was on it

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What was your dosage and labs after running TRT?

100mg a week split into 2 doses of 50mg

My testosterone was at 945 and still felt nothing
We tried 90mg per week as well when I first started which got me around 750 and I also felt no different.

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I can’t offer any advice since I don’t do anything, no special diet or supplements but for the first 6 months of pfs my penis was mostly shrunken. I would say that for the past 6 months it has been getting closer to normal and at times is normal.

My experience is that time has made the most difference. Obviously for some it has not helped at all.

I used to have it along with cold penis about 50-80% of the day. Now I am more around 10-20%.

Reverse kegels and focused relaxation of the pelvic floor which includes abs. A lot more walking than sitting. If you use alpha 1 blockers you will see your penis become much more full and warm, but for me the side effects of feeling super drowsy arent worth it.

I’ve tried alpha blockers and they didn’t work. For many it’s due to the lack of ability to receive the androgens needed to keep penile stricture intact.

suffering from completely numb penis since 2013… sry for you my friend… im only 32
and i used to bang girls for hours… now i cant even get it hard for 5 minutes… my hands fingers are more sensitive then my penis… i also have problems with urinating… no power there it just drips off… i wish you well brother.




seemed to improve penile problems the most

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Perhaps you could describe what those problems were and how you are now.

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Do PDE5 blockers restore sensation or structure for anyone?

No, sentivity is originated in the brain, PDE5 would help for erections but you may still have soft glands even being erect

It does the opposite, cialis gives me numb erections. It is reported side effect. I hope it is completely temporary. I take it to induce night erections before bed daily.