Should we Fap / No Fap


Well nofap raises Testosterone and AR density. When I did nofap 2 years ago I felt worse and worse every day and had to use 5ARi food like tomato sauce or junk food to get my libido back on day 7. When I finally masturbated on day 7 I felt great after ejaculation cause Testosterone finally drops back to baseline and the silencing of my AR got less.


This thread concerns me as i don’t fap at all
I don’t get the urge to fap at all.
I do have a partner and we have sex but even that’s only every couple of weeks with the aid of viagra.
I’m going to see a urologist soon I hope he can shed some light on this whole situation to me it feels like a blood flow issue i don’t see how finasteride Could have had any effect on that libido yes but not blood flow.
All I know is this all started after taking finasteride prior to finasteride i was absolutely fine.


can i try maca ? i crashed while used maca, thats why im asking


I always felt anti androgenic effects from maca.

Tribulus is the only thing that ever worked for my libido.