Should we Fap / No Fap

Well nofap raises Testosterone and AR density. When I did nofap 2 years ago I felt worse and worse every day and had to use 5ARi food like tomato sauce or junk food to get my libido back on day 7. When I finally masturbated on day 7 I felt great after ejaculation cause Testosterone finally drops back to baseline and the silencing of my AR got less.

This thread concerns me as i don’t fap at all
I don’t get the urge to fap at all.
I do have a partner and we have sex but even that’s only every couple of weeks with the aid of viagra.
I’m going to see a urologist soon I hope he can shed some light on this whole situation to me it feels like a blood flow issue i don’t see how finasteride Could have had any effect on that libido yes but not blood flow.
All I know is this all started after taking finasteride prior to finasteride i was absolutely fine.

can i try maca ? i crashed while used maca, thats why im asking

I always felt anti androgenic effects from maca.

Tribulus is the only thing that ever worked for my libido.

tribulus works for me too,true. but in cycles.
i shall not fap daily…but evry 3-4 days its mostly androgenic. not faping too long makes me agry and like a bitch, i think testosterone drops very very quick for me

In cases similar to mine, I would strongly recommend to not fap frequently. The best times I had of PFS I was faping 1 time a month (it was very difficult at first, but the muscle wastage forced me to abstain as much as possible).

1 a month ? wtf :joy: of course you have a shrunken penis. use it or lose it

My penis shrunk because of the fibrosis and calcifications that appeared in a crash. Back then i was fapping every day and trying to have sex, and despite orgasms not being the reason why I crashed, they made things worse. The severe shrinkage I had happened just weeks after stopping propecia. This was 8 years ago.

I never regained size, but my penis started looking much healthier when I reduced masturbation frequency. The penile pain was brutal when I was masturbating once every 1-2 days (and totally disappeared after reducing frequency). I have not lost size from reducing the frequency of masturbation. Only crashes have been able to have an effect on size.

And obviously, if you don’t have muscle wastage everytime you have an orgasm, you will have trouble understanding my situation.

Btw, I am not recommending to fap once a month for years, but at least for some time, and as I said in my previous post, this is a suggestion especially for bad cases.

Actually, I’m doing a 90 day nofap right now. I’m currently at day 30 and my penis has grown back to it’s normal size when not erected. I have seen other improvements too like dreams are back again. I have vivid dreams almost every night now, confidence is also back and I have a lot more energi now then before. The question is if I will get worse again when I start fapping again after 90 days.

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Check this article out guys. NoFap will likely increase Androgen receptor density and constantly jacking it will do the opposite as they’ve found with rats. Interestingly, I think I got this condition when I did NoFap while using saw palmetto, as saw + NoFap trials were constantly messing with DHT and altering AR density. when I’d stop rubbing one off for months and then porn binged it probably shocked the system. NoFap + 5ari was a deadly combo.

Another article showing how longer time after sexual satiety (let’s call this “ejaculating”) increases AR density. Maybe we should all rub one off 4x a day to fix this condition…

“Seventy-two hours after sexual satiety there was a recovery of sexual activity accompanied by an increase in ARd to control levels in the MPOM and an overexpression of ARd in the LSV, BST, VMH and MeA. Serum testosterone levels were unmodified during the post-satiety period. The results are discussed on the basis of the similarities and discrepancies between ARd in specific brain areas and male sexual behavior”

no fap is a very strange movement that has no social acceptance. it shames sex and masturbation. ask about no fap in any forum. everyone thinks its bullshit. use it or lose it is the better attitude. But you can do what you want. But be careful how you are talking to me “kaan”. you dont have to be so rude to me. i just have a different opinion of this topic as you

Hey, stop being rude. Not acceptable around here.

I don’t even know what the no-fap movement is, Milano. I am just saying that in severe cases of PFS I wouldn’t recommend frequent masturbation, as almost every severe case I know gets problems with orgasms.

This topic may be of your interest:


that sounds way more legit than what you were posting before. maybe i just understood you wrong. lets stay in peace with each other. agreed. everyone with severe pfs should be careful with eating/sex/exercise, how they react to and manage hormonal changes

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I think a plausible explanation is this one that @awor gave me when I messaged him five years ago trying to understand why I was losing muscle so quickly at that time:

Studies have also shown orgasm to increase prolactin levels and others have demonstrated that prolactin increases AR expression. As AR overexpression is likely at the heart of our problems to begin with, increasing AR expression further (through orgasm for example) compounds our problems (such as muscle wastage, depression, anxiety, etc.). Worse, sometime these negative effects last for many weeks, which seems to be linked with our deficient ability to bring AR expression down to normal levels.

many guys have reported penile shrinkage. The penis is highly dependent on sufficient androgen signaling to maintain it’s structure. As such, I believe that an increase of prolactin due to masturbation, and the resulting reduction in androgen signaling, is likely not good for the penis.

I noticed that if I use it regularly I keep my nocturnals steady, but if I try to abstain, the nocturnals fade away. So I do support the theory use it or lose it. At least this is my case, it could be the other way around for the others tho…


I feel a tiny little bit better after every orgasm and worse after not doing anything for a couple of days. If I do it several times in a row, I feel even better after each time.

I have severe ED, numbness/swollen veins, shrunken penis/testicles and low testosterone and also thought that NOT masturbating is the way to go to get my testosterone production going.

For now I take 2.5mg cialis daily and try to masturbate as often as I can. I might try Clomid to get my testosterone going again.

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for me its the same experience !


i feel worse after masturbating, i mean after several hours or the day after.

I feel worse I guess, im almost at 2 months off 4 pills tho.

Im 2 days off rn, and I feel horny throughout the day. Sense I lost a lot of libedo it feels a bit of normalcy, but I dunno. Once I cum, most of it is watery and my prostate just feels worse, so it’s a double edge sword.