Should I take an aromatase inhibitor with DHEA?

I am trying DHEA 100mg currently and was wondering if I should take an aromatse inhibitor too?

Do you have low DHEA-s on bloodwork? If yes then 100mg is way too much! My DHEA-s came up at the rock bottom so I did 20 & 25 and it still raised my E2 significantly. IIRC, one study states that anything beyond 15mg will raise E2. That said, I felt best on 10mg, it boosted my libido. One more thing to consider is that too much DHEA will lower Cortisol, which was problematic for me.

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I goofed up then as the DHEA I bought is 100mg capsules. It says that the capsules also contain 150mg rice flour to fill the capsule so I don’t know if it is as simple as just cracking it into 10 even sized lines.

I never actually had DHEA tested, but I have had non existent libido and no spontaneous erections for five years of PFS. What do you think I should do?

Non-existent libido sucks big time. Like I said, DHEA proved helpful in my personal case but that could be because I had very low levels to begin with as well as low estrogen. I advise you to get tested to see where your baseline levels at. Starting with lower doses is advisable. Do you suffer any other symptoms beside low sex drive?

AI’s should pretty much never be taken in place of something like Nolvadex or raloxifene (SERMs). alotta guys take AI’s, don’t know what there doing, crash their estrogen and commit suicide because the depression is so bad. its a shame because its 100% preventable

Yes I suffer from dry eyes, weak erections, no spontaneous erections, somewhat low energy, and reduced muscle definition.

Unfortunately where I live there isn’t really a private avenue for bloodwork, so I am kind of limited in what a GP is willing to do. What would you say are the most important hormones for me to get tested?

Can you get SERMs without a prescription? I don’t really know if I’d be able to get it prescribed.

depends what country. I’m in canada so I order raloxifene straight off the clear web. most countries you can either get it in pharmacy or order it online. I wouldn’t use SERMs or AI’s however unless sides necessitate. I actually find high estrogen helps my libido

Judging by your “symptoms only”. You may have either low Testosterone and/or low estrogen. I had these symptoms (plus others) and my issue was mainly low estrogen partly due to very low DHEA-s and gut problems. You could try a very low dose DHEA for a few days and carefully gauge how youre doing. That said, you could feel agitated/irritable when you start it. Should you start getting any low Cortisol symptoms, stop right away.