Should I force myself Masterbate? I haven't in about a month now


I have read that Testosterone will rise during no fap and that T rise = more estrogen since our 5AR is not working. Could that be why this depression/anxiety/brainfog are persisting? I have already read about crashes after masterbation and I can’t afford that happening as I need all the focus I can get for work…



I advise edging and not ejaculating. Maybe ejaculate once a week tops. I went 90 days straight without masturbating about a year ago had no urges during that time. Now I will force myself to PM and sometimes I mess up and PMO but always feel crappy after the O


Some people say that we should abstain from sex, while others say that abstinence is not good.


I like the way someone on this forum put it… “Erections beget erections”


i think you should masturbate at least once every 3 days. use it or lose it. edging is never a good idea imo