Short term finasteride usage, study on post finasteride neurosteroid levels in CSF and blood plasma


I’m trying to find a study on what neurosteroid levels should be in a post finasteride patient’s plasma and CSF if they only used the drug for about a week. (I used it for 6 days)
I also am trying to find a study on intraprostatic T & DHT levels for someone in the same situation in terms of usage. If the study was about young men, as I am 22, that would be great as well.

The reason I ask is because I am really pushing to get a spinal tap to measure CSF neurosteroids, in addition to an intraprostatic hormone level test. I would like to have a study beforehand to know what to expect to find in my situation. Any advice or sharing of studies would be very, very appreciated.


I don’t have any useful info specific to your question but I do know that period of exposure doesn’t seem to be significant. Some very severe cases took the drug for a very short amount of time.


Thanks! To be clear, we know it CAN be severe with subchronic usage, but it still may be less likely. Also, I havent seen even a single study that had someone’s CSF measured after only short usage, even if it didn’t necessarily address length of usage. If you could show me a severe case— In terms of missing neurosteroids from the CSF— I would appreciate that. Of course there are severe symptomatic cases from short term usage, But I am trying to get measurable, quantifiable, factors locked down.


I would argue that short usages are often more severe cases. Short term users typically quit because they have a swift and harsh reaction, like myself. I took the pill for two days and woke up with extreme vertigo and dizziness and my world has never been the same. I don’t even consider myself to have the same illness as most of the people on the forum - it’s that extreme. Derealization, vision issues, head pain, on top of everything that everyone else describes. All I’m saying is that the harsh reactions happen to short term users and that’s why they are short term.

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