Shocking number of reports of 12-17 year-olds suffering ED from Accutane and SSRIs

According to the FDA FAERS database, there have only been 97 reports of erectile dysfunction from 12-17 year-olds total.

31/97 (32%) from Accutane (isotretinoin)
18/97 (19%) from SSRI/SNRI medications
5/97 (5%) from Stratterra (atomoxetine), an NRI mediction
2/95 (2%) from Propecia (finasteride), which isn’t surprisingly low, given the age range


The numbers themselves aren’t high, and this is far from a professional assessment, but the percentages for Accutane and SSRI/SNRIs are extremely high considering this report encompasses ALL reports of adverse reactions for the 12-17 age range.

A majority of the remainder of reports are from other classes of antidepressants and anti-psychotic medications.

I think it would be great to find someone with expertise to analyze the data in a way that can be presented to regulators.


It’s horrible that a kid that age has to be put through that. Not that they should really be sexually active at the age, but they will look at the future with a horrible outlook and probably not care. And it will probably be the parents decision with little information given to them about the potential consequences of what that poison may do. Given that, they probably wont excel in anything because they wont care anymore.

I went and got on propecia on my own. There was no info given to me on what it might do other than the little label on the side of the bottle that said “May cause some sexual side effects.” To me, that meant that if it did, it might just be minor. I had no idea that it could potentially be permanent.


So true. No teenager is prepared to deal with what these drugs can do. Psychophysiological effects compounded by mental anguish from sexual dysfunction is horrendous enough to deal with as an adult. I started suffering from the time I was 17, and it screwed me up bad. Hate to admit it, but I’m constantly haunted by what happened. It took 2 serious relationships and a failed marriage to finally be able to maintain some composure.


This is another problem that is not addressed outside of the recent warnings about finasteride. The reports of Accutane and SSRIs don’t reveal the potential persistency. How many of those children are still suffering, I wonder?

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Most Doctor’s do what the computer tells them to do half the time they don’t know shit past the common cold / sniffles
If they don’t cure you who gives a monkeys they still get paid there wage.
I have had so bad experiences with doctors it’s unreal even to the point they prescribed my dad two drugs that shouldn’t be taken together the outcome of this was blood poisoning causing his death but you try proving it they will fight you tooth and nail.

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