Sexual sides virtually seem impossible to reverse

Finding that those that are cursed with the sexual sides are pretty much fucked

I’m pretty much impotent now. Been 5 weeks, ain’t shit changed just a gradual decline in function.

Seeing members who been 10,15 years and they never got their John back,

So depressing I only took 4 pills, very sad that I’ll die alone. Maybe I’ll get some exotic animal like a bear or something to fill the void

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After my saw palmetto crash, I could not get hard for a long time, even with a naked lady in front of me. Now, even though I don’t have a lady around, my penis is very hard as I write this. I hope this makes you feel encouraged. Not trying to brag.


5 weeks is not much time at all.

I saw gradual, positive changes in erection quality that continued at least 2 years after stopping the drug.

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I’ve noticed some slight improvements

Sleep has been better as of late

And so as the tinnitus volume being down 90%

Errections are a bit stronger

Numbness , ED, and semen are still horrible sadly

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Hoping you notice more improvements, major rather than slight, and permanent rather than temporary, to all reading this. After my crash, I had trouble falling asleep, staying asleep, and getting restful sleep. My sleep is normal today. Then again, sometimes my erections keep me awake or wake me up. After my crash, I had numbness (not total, but very close), weak ejaculation force, and almost no volume, the little bit being like clear water. I had ED and no libido. Today, erections and libido are great. I get horny with raging erections just by reading and writing about sexual topics like this. I’d love to hook up with a woman who recovered. Semen ejaculation volume is about 15 ml, white and thick with strong force. I usually freeze up temporarily with the first 2 spurts of ejaculation; the sensitivity feels that good. I have to be blunt because percentages do not tell anyone anything, so details are essential. Before saw palmetto (I never used finasteride), I could perform 6 times a day. After saw palmetto, my first and only dose, I was a chemically castrated impotent eunuch. Today, I can perform 1 or 2 times a day. I do not know how to put all this into a percentage. I lost size, length and girth, but that also returned. I never had a sperm count lab exam. Sexual sides are the worst in my experience because they persisted the longest. I’d be happy to prove my improvements, but such pictures and videos are against the rules. I’m sure you guys would go to the end of the universe and back to be in my place. Not trying to brag. I am grateful my health did return. I am no better or deserving than anyone else. Best wishes, brother and sisters.


Did you get PFS from saw? Really glad you recovered brother

Is pfs the same either if it’s from saw or from as fin

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We don’t know if they’re exactly the same, but since all of them affect our endocrine system and give us similar symptoms, we think they ultimately cause the same thing in susceptible individuals. Isotretinoin (Accutane) and antidepressants of the SSRI type (might’ve heard about PSSD) as well. PFS specifically is probably more widespread due to how potent and strong the drug is, even though stuff like Accutane and antidepressants are used more by people.
I personally as a teen took RoAccutane and nothing happened to me except the common on-drug side effects.

I personally would feel awkward and uncomfortable referring to it as “PFS” in my case because I never used finasteride. Not trying to be the semantics police though. It is possible the root pathology behind PFS, PSSD, PAS, and Post-Saw is the same mechanism albeit different trigger. The root pathology behind the post-statin muscle syndrome, the likes of which also produces mental and sexual symptoms, is autoimmunity against the HMG-CoA reductase enzyme used to produce cholesterol. This link proves post-statin syndrome is autoimmune: Therefore, why can’t the conditions listed above, post-saw, PFS, PAS, PSSD, be also? They can, and I find it utterly disappointing that it is dismissed. Why not test for auto-antibodies against the 5 Alpha Reductase enzyme? I wonder how expensive that could be.


I’m on the same page. BC007 could bring hope, a treatment

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I’ve read lots of recovery stories from sexual sides. Don’t lose hope. I’m 2 months in. I’m staying optimistic.

1 of the problems with autoimmune diseases is you cannot totally shut down your immune system, else you die of an infection within hours as happened to some of the Chernobyl disaster victims because their bone marrow was damaged by the radiation. You can totally eliminate cancer or infection, but you still need an immune system.

Another thing is not just any immune suppressant will work for autoimmunity. There are different sorts of suppressors and different sorts of antibodies and inflammatory markers. You would need the correct medication, dose, duration, and possibly combination of medications, depending which variant of antibodies and inflammatory markers you have, and whether it is against a tissue, bone, muscle, organ, hormone, enzyme, receptor or combination thereof. There is no 1 size fits all.

The Brazilian doctor Coimbra uses sub-lethal doses of vitamin d for autoimmunity, but it seems multiple sclerosis patients have better luck of success than other autoimmune conditions for whatever reason. Sub-lethal doses can cause kidney stones and organ calcification. @henrique

NSAIDS and COX inhibitors (examples: aspirin, ibuprofen/naproxen, vioxx, white willow bark, wintergreen, etc) in large doses for a long duration could theoretically work for high levels of TNF-alpha, IL-6, and LPS, except you are likely to ulcerate and rupture your stomach in the process. Interestingly, vioxx is toxic to the heart instead of the stomach.

Interestingly, the abortion drug mifepristone and ella interact with glucocorticoids similar to corticosteroids and licorice. Whatever the reason, accutane victims seem to respond better to mifepristone than those who used saw palm, ssris, or fin. @ronnie99, @Thommy280495

@bigpoppa10040, @keepyourheadup, @irishlegend, @Lazarusry


Hey man,

mife was very good for me. If you think about immune theory try out injecting 5ml of your own blood into the gluteus maximus. This is naturopathic treatment. One guy did it and had a huge success with it, I think his name was braziliandude. I dont do it bc I feel well and dont want to risk anything, also bc my immunesystem seemed to have changed since mife (stronger allergy) and autohemotherapy is against allergies. Its just to risky for me, but I think it is a great treatment option, you get rid of fatigue and such, it doesnt cure insensitivity of penis though.

best regards

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