Sexual Sides solved while drunk


Hey guys. i remembered that everytime im drunk my libido is back again. did anybody of you guys experienced the same and why is that possible ?


No, alcohol does nothing for my libido but I get a bit more emotional while having a few drinks, its the only thing that helps to remind me what love or happyness feels like.


When I was not able to get drunk, alcohol gave me good libido, no anxiety, deep sleep, and erections the day after.
Now I am able to get drunk again but I get only more emotional like @Victorcillo.
More attention to girls, but not exactly libido.


Sexual side effect improvements related to alcohol consumption has been discussed before. A quick search pulled up:


The only thing that I can think of is that alcohol thins the blood now this is a long shot but Would answer the blood flow issue.
Ive been trying to work out this whole sexual thing for a long time now…
I believe that i have blood flow issues and alot of pfs guys say that they feel like that have blood flow issues.
Let’s put this together in short most complain of
Loss of libido
No nocturnal errections
No spontaneous errections
Lack of feeling in the penis
Penis cold to touch
Penile shrinkage
Sagging skin around penis and testicles
Shrunken testicles
Etc …

Blood tests come back as within normal range for most people…
Some people like myself try things like
TRT intramuscular injections
Various vitamin and amino acid supplements

None of this works for me or alot of other people

Yet most guys including myself respond to viagra or Calais etc …

This is what brings me back to blood flow again and again as it all correlates but loss of libido doesn’t relate to blood flow to my mind which is what keeps stumbling me.

Any input from anyone is welcome guys


Its not blood flow its the AR…


My mental side effects are completely reversed with being drunk aswell


whats the interaction with AR?
what about us who dont feel anything from alcohol
its like drinking water to me
no effect :stuck_out_tongue:


thats really crazy. im not the smartest but i think we should look more detailed about alcohol and symptoms.


Absolutely zero impact? You don’t even feel slightly loopy? When I drink I don’t get the good cozy silly feeling I used to, but I still get motor function impairment.


i have zero feeling from alcohol,benzos etc…
my friend who has same symptoms went too far and tried tramadol etc…
no effect from any drug i take


What about coffee or caffeine?


0 effect from everything


How do you its AR ? I’m not sure how AR can relate to so many people thinking it’s blood flow
Do you mean AR is the trigger that’s starts the motor for the pump to start pumping blood to the penis ?


The AR is our root issue and responsible for every sexual symptom. And I’m not writing “for all symptoms” cause I suspect overexpressed dopamine/GABA receptors as well.


its obvious that the AR is the root cause
an internet friend of mine got PFS/PSSD like symptoms from testosterone injections
From shutting down the AR the cascade starts and goes on shutting down gabba/dopamine and other stuff
we both dont respond to alcohol,benzos(GABA),Dopamine Agonists(dopamine),opiates-tramadol(opioid receptors),marijuana etc…
what do u propose for solution
the only person who got his response to alcohol and drugs back was immo who used a demethylating agent
idk why he didnt recover sexual though im confused about that


I’m able to get drunk again me too.
But I hadn’t use a demethylating agent.


haha yeah but u dont know how u got there
with this guy we know what got him there
u might experience natural recovery on this one
i have read people going back to experiencing alcohol after 5+ yrs off propercia…
what u think got u here?
any specific treatment or time?


I think it’s likely due to my 3 complete recoveries.


The brief “recovery” after drinking is yet another common link among PFS, PAS, and PSSD. There is a thread dedicated to this on the PSSD forum.

In my 20’s I would experience long-lasting morning wood and increased libido, and usually in a better mood than usual, after a long night of drinking. While drinking, or during the first few hours of a long night, the alcohol usually killed what little libido I had and made erections almost impossible. …A very bad way to be at bars and nightclubs full of single women. I always thought of it as some type of rebound effect.

No one has yet offered a good explanation of why this happens.