Sexual Medicine State Update

I have been corresponding with a doctor (to be unnamed) in the sexual medicine field to get wide recognition of PFS, and I was told a few things that may be hopeful for some of you guys here.

Dr. Khera is the president elect for the SMSNA which is the Sexual Medicine Society of North America and can make a difference. As you know, he is a supporter of PFS. A million guys have been emailing him and creating conspiracy theories about him so I strongly suggest you all be very cautious about this now because he has significant influence in the field and we don’t want to piss him off.

The younger generation of doctors believes in PFS and there will be natural change over time, although I can’t say how long.

Even one of the older doctors that was an adversary of PFS is gradually starting to budge so things are directionally improving.

The telemedicine companies are still a problem but there are different angles to deal with them. Hope this is a little uplifting for some of you.


I’m waiting for the rest of those documents Merck kept hidden to come out. Hopefully that also gets some attention.


Forgive me if I’m wrong, didn’t he carry out a major study in men with PFS? but it’s took him a phenomenal several years and still there’s no sign of it, didn’t 2 lads kill themselves during this very study, do you think he understands that this drug is out there right now causing suicide amongst men? But, sure here let’s give Khera the benefit of the doubt when he doesn’t seem to be in too much of a rush to release it or calling for the ban of Finasteride even though there’s no doubt in my mind that he has found massive abnormalities resulting in severe cognition deficits and chemical castration in men who took this poison. You said he reached a top position at the SMNSA, an organisation that specialises in sexual dysfunction, therefore, wouldn’t his own industry stand to benefit off of men being chemically castrated? Same way as doctors benefit directly from the sickness of patients. Worth thinking about.


I agree with you 100%
I also find it strange that we didn’t hear anything from Khera until people started to email him, now the university of Utah is looking into it and god knows when they will release the information. I’m sure it’s caused dna damage as there is studies on finasteride doing this to women and I’m sure it’s no different for men.

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Instead of thinking about what other people should be doing, we should be thinking about WE should be doing. Right now all we do is sit and bitch like a bunch of entitled hypochondriacs and conspiracy theorists. The more we continue to act like that the more that’s how people see us.


The Merck documents have been out since a little before the Reuters report came out. I didn’t go through the documents, but my understanding is they were summarized in the second Reuters follow up. You can look for the raw documents on Pacer if you are interested.

No, this isn’t correct. He has been very delayed in publishing his study, I think he was in over his head from a research perspective as the study was very complicated and he is a clinician not a researcher. That is disappointing, but from the grand scheme of things, it won’t make a huge difference for the PFS community.

He is going to be the President of the SMSNA, not just a top position, and it is a medical and academic group and does not benefit from prescribed finasteride. The fact that he is President Elect is a very big deal politically. This is why it is impt, from a political perspective, to not harass him because it will annoy him and hurt our case.

As is the case with any organization, there may be some business involvement, but Merck doesn’t care about Propecia anymore, I think they have even given the rights to a separate organization, and this is a big opportunity to get more recognition. IDK how big it will be, but the tides are beginning to turn albeit slowly.

Our objective is to promote, encourage, and support the highest standards of practice, research, education, and ethics in the study of human sexual function and dysfunction.

SMSNA - Our members are all committed to sexual health and are made up of surgeons, physicians, allied health professionals, mental health professionals, scientists, residents and medical students across North America


I don’t think it is in Khera’s hands that this study has not been published yet.
We should stop blaming and attacking the people who are doing hard necessary work for us that is outside of our own possibilities. We should be thankful for what we can get, not bash a doctor and blame him for suicides that he had no part in.


The truth is he did fall behind on the study, but the politics of science and medicine are far more impt than one study, and as a leader in the field who believes in PFS he can potentially organize or influence other people to do more research than just the one study.


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