Severe heart palpitations while fapping! heart attack

Im getting heavy heart palpitations while fapping, my heart is literally beating in my throat.

Wtf is this crap, did anyone else experience this post-fin? Im 10 weeks off, im scared i might have a heart attack its that heavy if I continue.

You didn’t have a heart attack.

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Spiking heart rate is not uncommon here.

I used to get it in in the middle of the night, it would take a while to subside.

You should report it to your doctor.

how should i explain this to my doctor? its embarrassing brother…

and what should I ask for him to test? I really dont understand what is happening.


Maybe you can say you get severe heart palpitations when you’re having sex instead of masturbating.

Same problem here my man…Its like the sex center in my brain is connected to the anxiety center, and whenever i think of sex, i would get severe anxiety and palpitations…
Something similar was found with the Harvard study, as Probands were shown sexual stimuli, and the response in fMRI was Same as ppl with depression. This is just f**kd up.

P.S. you dont have a heartattack, as even for that there treatment does exist…You sadly have PFS

I didnt say I got a heartattack, Im just feeling my heart aching and bumping extremely hard that I can feel it in my throat.

Can this get better with time? Why is this only with fapping and not when I engage in activity such as sport?

Hi, man.

I used to have this as well and still do to some extent.

Sometimes when I think about sex, my heart starts beating incredibly hard. I think the best way to deal with this is to think less about sex.

Same man. Happens to me also. It was bad when I first got off propecia but it has improved in time. I’m not sure if it’s caused by the heart muscle or related to electrical system.

Surely a good explanation is that we are anxious about sexual encounters and it’s a consequence of anxiety…

I don’t know, and I wonder if it’s related to the endocrine system. I recently had sex with my wife on two occasions and although I found it somewhat enjoyable, I still don’t have the urge to have intercourse. I’m perfectly content playing video games…I noticed also that women seem to gravitate to me more than when I was a horn dog…go figure.

This is almost certainly an endocrine issue.

I still don’t have the urge to have intercourse.

Same… Funny thing is that it’s getting easier and easier to get full-sized boners whenever i force myself to think about sex.

I think it’s more of a neurological issue in my case.
No libido, but getting easier to get boners.

so did it go away with time? its so weird man.

I did suffer from acute peritonitis last year, could it not be the fact that my heart had some scar tissue after recovery and the fin fucked it all up?