Severe dryness help!

I took fin and dut then I am off the drug for 14months now. There are lots of side effects i have but the worst thing is severe dryness. I think my symptoms are caused by one same thing. My body no more produce any oil. I have dry eyes, my hair are very dry and its diffsue thinning. My body hair on arm and legs are almost gone. And my semen has no smell which it used to have a strong odor before fin. I think its all related to body oil production. I am thinking if this oil production comes back then Every side effects i suffer will get better. Does anyone have these problem and got better? Pls help me. I am having really hard time… fuck fin/dut ruined my life.

Hey bro. I’ve been suffering from PFS for over a year now. I live in Seoul. Would you be interested in meeting up? I have the same issues as you

Hi Kimm,

I had problems with dryness, mostly eyes hands and feet. I did have it all over, but those 3 are the areas that become somewhat unbearable. My hands and feet would dry to the point of cracking all over and would not heal. Particularly my toes and heels. It became painful to run and walk although I did it anyways, A LOT. I would wrap my feet in bandages with Vaseline to help. Anyways, these symptoms have recently resolved for me. Took me about 18 months.

Thank you for sharing Hench, Did your body hair get thinner and almost gone too?

Sorry Eric i just want to talk in this site, can i ask you how long exactly off the drug?? Because i found 3people were getting better after 1.5 years.

Now that you mention it, yea I noticed my hair got VERY thin and wispy on my head. I did not notice anything regarding body hair, but I’m not a very hairy person in that regard. It’s normal now though also.

Hench, Sorry keep asking, so you got all these dryness symptoms and you got better after year and a half? And how long did you take fin or dut?

I only recently recovered. I think it was just a freak extremely lucky thing. I have a very thorough story on here, but to summarize. I took fin for about 9 months, crashed hard. I was hit very hard by neurological symptoms (complete insomnia, anxiety, depression, Akathisia) so that was the main thing I was concerned with and what I mostly wrote about. I did have dryness throughout and it started before my crash so I didn’t really link the two until later on.

I started feeling significantly better in waves after about 12 months due to a particular event I would rather not mention unless you read my story as I would not want you to repeat it and try to replicate. Between then and now I have basically made a full recovery. This includes the dryness although that was one of the last things to get better other than my sleep repair. The hair wispiness did resolve, although I don’t know when. I didn’t even think about it until I saw your post and realized my hair is not wispy and thin anymore.

Thank you for replying, i am thinking it stems from one thing. Something related to oil production. If this thing about sebum production is absent, it causes dryness, low libido, depression. Drying out body does seem like make one’s body depress anxiety etc. so i think once this ‘thing’ is reproduced in your body all the symptoms get better, hydrating body makes body more alive, giving passion. More positvie things. Its just my idea from looking at some cases of people suffered from dryness. They told me when their body start to produce oil and got back their body odor their physical and mental symptoms got better together. It seems like you went through simillar process. Its grate for your recover, and i hope i can recover like you
its been a very hard time for me.

I’m sorry you’re going through this and also hope you get better. It is true that my body odor and armpit sweat production greatly increased when I made my final push to full recovery. I don’t know if this is helpful to you or not, but this is definitely something that happened to me and wanted to confirm this since you mentioned it.

I just want to say thank you for your story.
it really gave me hope from this hell.

I’ve spent over a year there, it is truly hell on earth. I cannot imagine a worse fate, but do have hope that you can recover. Not everyone does, but it is possible. I’m living proof. Just push on best you can and cling to that hope.

Hey Kim. It’s fine if you just want to talk on this site but my focus is more on activism, funding research etc as that’s in our control. I’m not so interested in simply praying and hoping for a natural recovery as that’s something one doesn’t really have control over. It also doesn’t do anything for the thousands of people who have had this for decades and deserve a way out.

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I have the exact same thing @Henchman21 and it kills me. Walking is quite painful, particularly on the heels.