Severe dry eyes and mouth


Can anyone help me? I have severe dry eye and mouth. I have done for 5 months. This started as drooling for a week then dryness. I stopped Fin around this time. I feel fatigued too. Is this the crash? Can I improve and has anybody else? Would going back on level me back out?

Thank you


dehydration probably isn’t a pfs issue anymore it’s more related to your organs not functioning correctly thanks to fin, same as a drug user often looks older than their age because of dry skin caused by overtaxed or damaged liver/kidneys/other organs.


How is this reversed?


I think it starts with the diet, as i responded to one of your other comments. PM if you want to talk more.

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Anyone else suffer from dry eyes? Does it improve with time? I think someone made a connection here between Meibomian Gland Dysfunction and androgen deficiency. I only started developing really dry eyes after crashing a second time with cacao nibs. My eye stings when its windy outside. It’s never happened before to me. It doesn’t even happen with my Dad and he’s had severe retina detachment and astigmatism.



Anyone winning the dry eyeness game?


Best way to manage dry eye is be on top of it daily. Consider different contact lenses or glasses only if the below treatments don’t work.

  1. Daily warm compress for ten minutes. This gets the meibomian glands flowing oil into the tear layer.

  2. Digitally massage your lids after warm compression.

  3. Use systane complete or other artificial tear drops four times a day.

  4. Use lid scrubs (ocusoft) at night and or morning to dramatically reduce staph/steep blepharitis symptoms whose exotoxins merge onto the tear film and further damage the tear layer.


I’ve been doing that… Using preservative free drops, about 12 times a day. Washing eyelids with baby shampoo. Tried doubling up fish oil also.


Clinitas eye drops are the best, I’ve had dry eyes for 20 yrs and tried everything even had punctal plugs fitted to stop any tear/lubricant drainage. Predselone drops help too but use sparingly, these can encourage tear production


The next step is restasis or xiidra. Visit a dry eye clinic if you’re really suffering, man.