Severe crippling depression

Hey everyone I’m waking up during the day with the worst depression imaginable I’m literally crying to myself it’s that bad I’ve never felt anything like it, it’s like my soul is being ripped out with this ghastly sick feeling in my stomach not to mention a boat load of other crippling conditions. I get the worst thoughts rushing through my head def suicidal idealations is there anything I can do? I don’t want to hurt my family I love them too much but I’m getting desperate I haven’t left my bed in months. Within 2 hours of taking finasteride I began to display all sorts of problems but it’s so hard to believe what it’s done to me after a single pill and it seems to be progressing I have lost everything over night to make matters worse I knew this site existed but I didn’t know others had only took a dose and it fucked them up it’s worse than cyanide at least it kills you straight away. I’m in an absolute nightmare this has stripped me from my humanity!

Honestly if it’s that bad you should look in to anti-depressants, but if it’s bearable you should try getting through with it, i’m not much for advocating drugs when we’ve all been affected by one already.
Things will get worse, until they get better.

I tried them mate I don’t know what happened my body but when I started them my nerve pain got 10x worse I didn’t feel any better on them. Have you seen any improvement?

Yeah man, i have had a lot of improvements, my body was lucky enough to start repairing itself. I’ve noticed a balance between physical/sexual/mental sides, as one fluctuates to the better, the other one deteriorates, it’s as if the body can’t reach homeostasis because of an inhibition of some sort, of all the fucking weird sides I’ve endured, the physical (skin and hair) aren’t changing much. I still suffer from emotional bluntness/depression, but i think your psychological state plays a big role in recoveries, i bum myself out because of the situation, but should keep being grateful for small (better) changes.

I too had severe nerve pain in my hands and feet, sometimes i’d be awaken to something jolting my brain, felt like a part of my brain was being screwed on, and the pain felt toxic… I don’t have that anymore, and i don’t know why.

That’s great man I love to hear about any improvements it gives me a little grasp of hope. Although this depression is in unchatered territory and I absolutely have no control of it, it’s definitely hormones and neuroinflammation. I have these zaps that I get all over my brain and body followed by severe nerve damage, aches and pains, blurry vision, about 20 floaters in both eyes, CFS, no lobido, SD, severe dry skin, insomnia, ringing in ears it just blows my mind that 1 pill could do so much damage I even got tested for MS and have been hospitalised twice. Have you any recommendations how you got better?

Sorry I’ll reiterate that how you’re getting better? :blush:

Your depression description reminds me of my brother when he got depression due to an injection, it sounds absolutely terrible. I focused on diet and cleansing my gut, because i had severe pain and my sensory/motor/autonomic nerves/neurons were completely fucked, couldn’t urinate or pass stool… The first few days all i ate was soup, i couldn’t eat anything, moved on to yogurts/honey, do probiotics/digestive enzymes, i started taking L-glutamine, starting at 1g and moving up to 20g daily, i now have no pain, sulfur-like gas, my stool is fine, i can even feel the “good sensations” of taking a dump, i can urinate.

I don’t eat any processed sugar, no gluten, no fast food, just steamed veggies, green leaves, and meats/bone broth

I juice organic beets, tropical fruits, carrots, apples, and blueberries every day and drink one L of it aswell, prior to this i always ate shit, i could literally feel the inflammation throughout my body, but this has luckily passed.

So far, i have no nerve pain, my focus is better, although my short-term memory is still off, my muscle-memory is getting MUCH better, i still suffer from some mental sides though, but i should be happy for the progress so far.

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