Severe agitation

Ever since taking accutane 2 years ago, I’ve had horrible agitation, I can never relax, I never feel comfortable and relaxed in my environment, it’s very hard to explain, but I don’t feel the emotions of my environment, like my own home, looking around my house, I used to have a relaxed comfortable feeling when I’d be inside my house, there’s nothing now. It feels the same and uncomfortable everywhere. Does anyone experience anything like this?

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Yes. My experience is the same. Used to refer to it as “feeling uncomfortable in my own body.” Also have the detachment between emotion and environment/atmosphere a vast majority of the time.

@Jackidk I’ve got it too and it’s only getting worse everything irritates me it’s just horrible. I try relaxing techniques but they only last while I’m doing them. Even noise makes me irritable.

I feel similar whenever my chronic fatigue (caused by propecia) is at worst

How do you manage your chronic fatigue?

Pretty helpless atm, cause there is complete lockdown in my country currently, which makes fatigue worse.
My experience is that going to gym weight lifting and keep yourself busy with things help the most