Serrapeptase for prostate health

Serrapeptase really has helped my prostate, made my flow back to more normal again and i’ve had some increase in my libido and erections as well, maybe due to healthier prostate.

The first time i tried serrapeptase it made my brainfog way worse, but this was probably due to toxins release and phossible ulcers i had… now when i first had used digestive enzymes, probiotics, msm and l-glutamine to heal my intestines serrapeptase didn’t cause so much worsening in the brainfog… a bit though. Maybe it eats some damaged tissue/myelin scarring in the brain ?

Interesting. I tried serrapeptase for a few weeks and saw no difference. What brand do you use?

On line free books/info:

Not promoting, just researching and came across these. Seem to provide a lot of information and insight into hormones and prostate function, etc. from a natural/holistic as opposed to allopathic point of view. Something that caught my eye in the prostate book. "When blood serum “free” testosterone levels are low, prostate receptors must choose DHT which causes disease. Was wondering… after finasteride blocks DHT, then the drug is stopped/discontinued, is it reasonable to think that then the DHT rushes back in and perhaps the prostate receptors are overwhelmed with DHT when they are really supposed to have testosterone on their (prostate) receptors? And if this were to be the case…how could it be corrected? Is there a way to test?

In my opinion enteric coated tablets (not capsules) work
the best. capsules stay floating in the stomach liquids and doesn’t reach the intestines before releasing what’s inside. Take with plenty of water.

This stuff is really pontent and i suggest you start with 40000iu tablets and increase the dosage daily if you don’t get any adverse affects. You probably should take some MSM (2-5g daily?) with it to make healing quicker and to decrease the risk of side effects.

I’m taking 160000iu daily myself and i think i’m getting mild brainfog from the stuff, but it’s really helping with the prostate and my flow is like it should be.

as a bonus serrapeptase might help with hairloss cause it eats scar tissue and inflammation away. If i remember correctly hairloss is caused when hair follicles are attacked by your immune systen, first get inflammed and then form scar tissue wich eventually cause your follicles to die. My hair is a little better than it was few months ago before serrapeptase, but it might be due to msm also…

I use this brand my self:

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Did you use enteric coated tablets? And what was the dose 80 000iu, anything less than this would be lost in stomach acids.

Looks like the IU was 20000 for the pills I took. They were enteric coated tablets. I will give 80000IU pills a shot. Thanks mate!

Is serrapeptase safe to use long term? Particularly at this high a dosage? I suspect if this works you pretty much have to take it every day for the rest of your life…

I have done some looking in to it and there doesnt appear to be a serrapeptase help forum. :smiley:
If you did make improvements you could stop to see if they are maintained.
Im also wondering how long it would take to see improvements, could take some time.

Serrapeptase sounds quite interesting, I just bought some 80,000IU caps alwell. Looking forward to seeing how it goes.

I’ve been reading around about serrapeptase and it seems like it might be an answer. I had written it off before. I am having an extreme problem right now and need it ASAP. It will hopefully be here by Wednesday I’m praying. Maybe this will be an answer for a lot of us! Thank you Jusa83 for posting on here!

Another post about the benefit of the serrapeptase/wobenzym combo

I took 440000iu yesterday, no wonder im fogged as fuck today. Will be cutting down my dose. The 440000iu (5 tablets) that i took was the recomended dose on the leaflet, this is far to much imo.

What brand are you using Tim? I am using the same Good Health Naturally brand that Jusa used.

I’ve been taking 160,000 IU three times a day for the last three days. Also I got some wobenzym N and have been taking 10 three times a day. Haven’t noticed any effect on my prostate, but will give it at least a month.

No brain fog as far as I’ve noticed.

Im using the same brand, this may need a month or so to work…if it does.

It’s been a little over two weeks since I started, and I’m ready to declare it a failure. I’ve already gone through one bottle and am on my second bottle now. My prostatitis symptoms have actually worsened in this time. I will finish off the second bottle, but it will likely do no good. I have been taking the wobenzym the whole time as well.

Sorry to hear that… maybe you should consider making changes in your diet… maybe gluten free or something ?
for me serrapeptase doesn’t prevent prostate irritation if i eat or drink someting bad… for example
if i drink even a pint of beer i immidiately notice irritation and my urine flow gets worse for a while.
So i think serrapeptase just helps a little with the inflammation, but it’s not a cure by any means.

I also noticed my prostate got A LOT worse when i tried supplementing DHEA for a while. So maybe this prostate problem is somehow estrogen related as well ?