September is Suicide Prevention Month: Counseling, anti-depressants & sleeping pills recommendations

Ciao! As I’ve detailed in prior threads I am fortunate I fully naturally recovered from worst-case PFS in 2.5 years (Dec 2014 - June 2017) except profound PFS sleep dysfunction AND somehow survived FOUR serious PFS suicide attempts! Yikes!

So I feel obliged to recommend strategies that may help other PFS victims. IMO the three primary weapons to fight - and limit suicidal despair - a “terrorist” disease like PFS are:

COUNSELING kindly coordinates PFS counseling. Call Phillip Roberts:

I also tried psychologists and suicide survivors school, both helpful.


I took a variety, fading memory. They killed my emotions and dulled suicidal thoughts. They staved off yet more suicide attempts.
They DO impair sexual functioning unfortunately so ye be warned!

Perhaps others can better recommend the best PFS anti-depressants.


Dr. Irwin is the top PFS expert and recently published an article correlating PFS suicide with PFS insomnia.

So YOU must take sleeping pills to stave off suicide. I recommend:

Risparidone and nortriptyline combo (worked perfectly for me for 1.5 years)

Belsomra (Merck’s latest/greatest sleep med, works sometimes for me, extremely expensive, your doctor MUST appeal to your insurance company to get it)

Trazodone (primitive 1950s anti-depressant that kills emotions and puts you into a zombie sleep)


This is my RIDICULOUS recent online dating pic! I’m showing only to encourage YOU that YOU likewise could partially or wholly recover and re-enter kooky dating world!

PS Write me for legal or other PFS advice beyond info above. I don’t counsel psychologically and cannot explain my natural PFS healing (sexual, emotional, body feminization maladies just resolved without treatment).


Mel H., 51yo, Washington DC


Sir, are u a lawyer? Did u sue merck and it’s poison Finasteride?