September is Suicide Prevention Month: A PFS recoveree flails online datin

I’m posting this SOLELY to encourage PFS victims not to “exit the building” because PFS recovery is NOT impossible.:dart:

  1. coordinates PFS counseling for distressed victims, so pls contact them:

  1. I was in YOUR shoes for 2.5 hellacious years, endlessly thinking about suicide and actually failing four serious attempts. Very fortunately I naturally recovered from worst-case scenario PFS except profound sleep dysfunction in June 2017! So suicide was extremely foolish before I had a few years to recover.

  2. Now put yourself in MY shoes. Sexual dysfunction is a fading traumatic memory, so I’m flailing online dating just like everyone else! Ha! Here is my annoying profile:

  1. Note I briefly gloss over my PFS recovery (ignore my other health issues not germane to PFS). Hopefully YOU can follow suit.

Mel H., Washington DC :sunglasses:


I wouldn’t date you…

Only kidding, and happy you’re recovered. :slight_smile:

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For my tastes your profile is a bit ‘much’ but I don’t blame ya after the hell that is PFS and who am I to judge, really? I tend to be so flattened out emotionally in a facade of humility and mannerism that people think I’m a bland automaton who just oozes with depression with every breath. So I think it’s better to be like you are.
I think there will be plenty a partner out there for you who admires your zest and goofy grandeur. Love how you keep mentioning your poster collection in your every post and I’m happy for you that you have something you care so much about and fills you with pride. I hope I will find something like that for myself.
Good luck on your lovehunt. I hope you find it.