Sensitive hearing

Anyone else have very sensitive hearing like I do? I’m wondering if it’s PFS related.

Also please state if you have taken any PDE5 inhibitors like Cialis/Viagra

Thanks guys!


Hi, could you explain a little bit more what you mean when you say sensitive hearing?

Good question. So small noises that don’t bother other people seem really loud to me to the point that they hurt.

I’ve certainly got some increased sensitivity to sound. It’s definitely intermittent and not present all the time but it’s noticeable. I’ve also got a constant feint ringing in my ears which I assume to be tinnitus. Seems somewhat common amongst PFS patients.

Sounds like your sound sensitivity is a bit more severe?

Thanks for responding. Mine is intermittent too and can be severe but for only brief periods. I have a little tinnitus as well with right sided TMJ. I was wondering if Cialis or PFS caused my sensitive hearing. Did you notice this symptom without having taken Cialis/Viagra/etc. I only took it twice (5mg then 2.5mg) once a week and noticed tinnitus and sensitive hearing a couple days after the 2nd dose.

Yes, that and light sensitivity. Light sensitivity has improvef abit though, noise sens still the same

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Yeah, sounds like we’re similarly affected in that respect. I’ve never taken Cialis mate, I started to get sound sensitivity and tinnitus after a crash a year or so ago and it unfortunately hasn’t subsided.

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Thanks so much for confirming!

I have constant tinnitus. Also, some sounds at the right pitch seem to drill into my ears and force me to cover them trying to muffle the offending noise.

The sensitivity only applies to certain sounds, though.

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Exactly! There are specific sounds I am very sensitive too. Thank you for reminding me of this detail. I’m sorry your tinnitus is constant.

Did you have any history of taking viagra/cialis before these symptoms started?

I’m scared to take cialis now because I’m worried there’s a correlation with my ear issues after reading some studies.

I was prescribed daily Cialis at 5mg for my BPH, and took it with success for several years.

The insurance company decided not to cover Cialis and I was then prescibed…Proscar. Within 3 months I was ruined by PFS. This is going on 3 years ago. (My Cialis use predated my PFS. )

I hope this helps, @Wegotyou. Jim

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Thank you! Terrible to hear how you ended up on Proscar because an insurance issue. Thanks again brother

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I have some intense TMJ disorder and suffer from sound sensitivity as well.
I am positive the root cause of my jaw issues is the havoc caused by Finasteride and a TMJ disorder is one way that my body is signaling that something is not right.
Having said that, what do the doctors say about your TMJ disorder?
Your sound sensitivity may be due to a jaw issue. It’s worth looking into.
Where I live doctors are too skeptical so I have decided that this year I will look for help abroad because I can’t stand certain environments with certain sounds, which makes everyday life just unbearably surreal, really.

I haven’t seen a doctor for my TMJ yet. It could be related to my hearing issues.

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