Semen analysis

Haven’t seen a thread dedicated to just this.

I’m still on my way of getting a doctor who doesn’t think I’m just an hipocondriac maniac who reads shit on the internet.

I got 2 bloodtests, and although there are some values that consistently show up out of range, there’s still “nothing wrong with me”.

Now the semen analysis has some clear bad results, that my doc couldn’t ignore:

volume :  1.0 ml     /     2ml or more
ph:          8.5        /      7.2 or more

grade A:   2%       /       more or equal to 25
grade B:   30%     /       grade A + grade B : more or equal to 50%
grade C:   3%
grade D:  65%

alive spermatozoa:   80%

normal sperm  4%
head anomalies  86%

And a special note from the lab: Descondensed spermatozoa and with neck anomalies

Had anybody had some similar results, in particular, morfology problems?

My semen analysis,

volume 2.7 (1.5-5ml)
sperm count 47 (>19)
motility 57 (>49)
motility grade 4 (3-4)
normal morph 23% (>29) ***
round cell /hpf 5 (0-4)
appearance opaque white gray
ph 8 (7.2-8)
viscosity 0 (0-1)
liquifaction >30 (0-30)
debris 2 (0-1)
wbc <1 (<1)
comment abnormals are bent and tapered forms. Round cells are immature.

My second semen analysis. I am now eligible for Dr. Irwig’s second study. This time its showed that my motility is way below normal. Great news!! I’m probably sterile.

volume 4.3 (1.5-5ml)
sperm count 109 (>19)
motility 15 (>49)***
motility grade 2 (3-4)***
normal morph 34% (>29)
round cell /hpf 4 (0-4)
appearance opaque white gray
ph 7.2 (7.2-8)
viscosity 1 (0-1)
liquifaction >30 (0-30)
debris 3 (0-1)
wbc <1 (<1)
comment: none

Proscarred, I doubt you are sterile.

The variation in your two results alone show something. I’ve spoken to Professor Bouloux about this and he basically said in borderline cases like this, its difficult to tell. The load you shoot during sex is likely to be much different than the sample you make.

Also, if you were trying to conceive, you would probably find huge improvements from clomid or even hmg (or even arimidex). So to call yourself sterile isn’t close to being true.

Your sperm count is poor and ill formed due to estraogen domniance because the liver is unable to metabolise estradiol properly due to sluggishness. Estradiol does this to male sperm. Text book example. Check this email correspondence out with liver cleansing expert. Notice what she says about sperm and estradiol.

Site Feedback: Liver cleansing…
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To: Saladin Ayubi

Hello Saladin,

That is interesting information about bupleurem that I have not read before. I know that they have begun doing a lot of tests on Chinese herbs lately, to determine their actual effects in the body.

All that I can say is that both men and women have used our Chinese Bitters tincture, which contains bupleurem, to help balance hormones and increase fertility. Women have primarily used it to lower their estrogen level, and I don’t think that we would have as many success stories if any hormonal effects of bupleurem were very strong. Moreover, men with low sperm counts, or with badly formed sperm (usually caused by the presence of too much estrogen in the system) have also used our Chinese Bitters tincture to both increase their sperm count and make it healthier. I don’t think this would be possible if the estrogenic or progesterone effects of bupleurem were strong.

It is also possible that when bupleurem is combined with Chinese gentian, which has a powerful purging effect on the liver, any estrogen/progesterone effects are minimized.

In any case, the hormonal effects of bupleurem must be quite weak, since our Chinese Bitters tincture has been used so successfully, for so many years, to treat estrogen dominance problems in both men and women.

I hope this helped.

Take care



I got my Sperm Analysis results (After 3 months of stopping Fin):

Volume (ml) 2.3 (>2) OK
Concentration (m/ml) 75 (>20) Good
Total Count (Millions) 172.5 (>40) Very Good
Motility (A + B) 39 (>50%) Poor
Normal Forms 4 (>15%) Poor
Mean normal sperm Concentration 1.17 (>1.5) Suboptimal

Has anyone seen Normal Sperm and Motility improve after stopping Fin?

The number of sperm has increased

Can you tell me what routine you did?