Self reflection about the placebo effect (power of mind)

We must consider the power of our unconscious, when we start Finasteride treatment, our inconscious mind programmed the following:

“I hate DHT and 5arII, I decide to suppress it, because I refuse to lose my hair.”

When we leave the treatment, we do not change that program, we just stop consuming the pill.

So, Now you have to perform daily meditations and program the following in your unconscious: “I love all my DHT and full 5ar functions on my organism like when I was a teenager.” And avoid all negative thoughts and feelings, these are powerfull and that is empirically proven.




Ok then…


I have not invented this. This is Neuro-linguistic programming (NLP), knowledge and awareness are powers available to a few. There are people who have cured serious diseases through this system, but if you don’t have faith it will never works for you, I hope that another type of person may be interested in this, sometime.

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I completely agree with this generally philosophy. The belief that you can get better is one of the most important things for us. I bet those who believe this, whether it’s true or not are the ones on average who are seeing more improvement.

The nocebo and placebo effects have been proven time and time again. Meditation is our best ally in this regard and IMO is the most important thing anyone can start doing.


Yawn. For some of us there’s no brain left. My mind is always quiet because I’ve been chemically lobotomized and castrated. Amygdala and hypothalamus are damaged. Just logic brain left. Don’t need to calm a mind that’s already gone.


Did you know this before using your hair drug? Why you did not apply this method to make your hair grow up???


I did not know it, but that would explain why there are bald with 20 years and hairy with 80

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Sorry, my only effects are partially sexual, I don’t know the damage to those parts of the brain, but there is hope, there are people who have been with finasteride for years and have no problems, that means that PFS depends on each organism and not on the active substance, maybe.

Science has shown that the atom is made up of pure energy, but I bet you believe that the atom is made up of matter, like most people.

So the reason people get bald in their 20´s isnt genetics, it’s their ‘‘inconscious mind’’. Learn something new on this forum everyday.


Saw can you give any further insights into meditation. I do an hour a day. 30 mins on frontal cortex and 30 on the amygdala section.

Im suicidal again.

When I was suicidal the biggest mistake I made was staying at home. Go for walks or do cardio exercise if you can. Spend time outdoors to challenge your senses. Change all your routines to challenge your brain. Go to different supermarkets, shops, take different routes in the car, take your brain out of its normal routines so it has to learn new ones. Use your other hand to do stuff. Hope this helps.


I have been doing the same meditation routine for years:

-Sit in a comfortable chair
-Get phone ready and set timer for 20 min
-Close your eyes and focus on your breath, locating where it is most prominently felt in the body
-Keep your attention on your breath without forcing the breath
-When you mind wonders, gently say to yourself “thinking” or “catch and release”. If using catch and release, I like to think of catching a thought cloud and letting it go into the sky
-Come back to focusing on your breath.
-Repeat the last two parts for 20 min

You will notice that there’s a lot of chatter for first 10 min but the second half the mind tends to calm down.

There’s also guided meditation through the 10% happier, calm, and headspace apps. I use 10% happier and like Sharon Salzberg who I’ve experienced an in person guided meditation from.

I like to do guided in morning and on my own in evening.

There’s a counting meditation exercise I also like called 10-2-10. With your eyes closed, count from 1 to 10 in your mind, with a count on each exhale, then 1 to 2, then 1 to 10 again.

Thanks for sharing. I do 15 mins focusing on the breath then 15 mins with a mantra ™. I repeat twice per day. But I don’t feel its enough. I do TM as it targets the frontal cortex were I believe PFS has damaged the most. But I’m no expert only been doing this about 6 months. Looking into buying a muse headband next.

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me, i’m interested in nlp. i still haven’t found someone though… what about you?
i wonder if raising awareness level might cure… the only question mark is if it would work against a poisoning like this. theoretically i think yes, but how much self-awareness should i get? god level?

So, for anyone who’s interested in NLP, keep in mind that wikipedia has this to say:

“There is no scientific evidence supporting the claims made by NLP advocates and it has been discredited as a pseudoscience.[11][12][13] Scientific reviews state that NLP is based on outdated metaphors of how the brain works that are inconsistent with current neurological theory and contain numerous factual errors.[10][14] Reviews also found that all of the supportive research on NLP contained significant methodological flaws and that there were three times as many studies of a much higher quality that failed to reproduce the “extraordinary claims” made by Bandler, Grinder, and other NLP practitioners.”

Mainstream science always discredits alternative… nothing new. If it’s up to mainstream science you would be on a daily regimen of finasteride, Cialis, aderral, Xanax and a sleeping pill for good measure. mainstream science is the reason we are here. I don’t trust any company funded studies. It doesn’t matter if it’s double blind placebo whatever. We know how easy it is to manipulate the data for those scientists.

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interesting find! I will try this out. I haven’t been sleeping man. any ways you used to cure insomnia!?!