Scientists identify hormone potentially linked to hypersexual disorder

Scientists identify hormone potentially linked to hypersexual disorder


So maybe raising oxytocin naturally can help us. Overall, this looks like a dull study. Thx anyways.

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I had seen this looking at L. reuteri 6475. I have no review yet, btw. They have sold out of this. im less then a month in, noticable effects, not sure what the ultimate outcome will be, good or bad. Im still taking this at 10 billion a day.

Neuropsychiatric disorders

Chapter Five - Microbes and Oxytocin: Benefits for Host Physiology and Behavior

It is now understood that gut bacteria exert effects beyond the local boundaries of the gastrointestinal tract to include distant tissues and overall health. Prototype probiotic bacterium Lactobacillus reuteri has been found to upregulate hormone oxytocin and systemic immune responses to achieve a wide array of health benefits involving wound healing, mental health, metabolism, and myoskeletal maintenance. Together these display that the gut microbiome and host animal interact via immune–endocrine–brain signaling networks. Such findings provide novel therapeutic strategies to stimulate powerful homeostatic pathways and genetic programs, stemming from the coevolution of mammals and their microbiome.

Not only that, without even trying too hard,

Stimulation of central and systemic oxytocin release by histamine in the paraventricular hypothalamic nucleus: evidence for an interaction with norepinephrine.