Scientists cure tinnitus in rats by using a "genetic knockout" of a protein that causes neuroinflamation

Scientists have cured noise-induced tinnitus in rats with gene therapy. This could have interesting implications for those of us with tinnitus. Also, I bet those of us that have head pressure and vission issues might also have some type of neuroinflammation.


That’s a good article. But noise-induced tinnitus is different from Finasteride or Anti-depressants - induced tinnitus i think. But they use gene therapy to cure tinnitus means When we confirm our changed genes, we also can cure tinnitus.
Anyway, hopeful article. Thanks.

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I have had tinnitus for over 20 years. Got it playing in bands. It improved over the years and then got worse again doing some work with power tools in the recent years. Then got even worse with PFS. I am of the mindset that tinnitus is the same whether drug or noise induced unless you show that the hairs in your inner ear are in fact damaged. Mine are not. That means my damage is in the auditory cortex. A negative feedback loop or something. Anyway… its promissing to see this sort of progress. I work in the healthcare (Biotech) industry and I can see how this type of therapy could easily parlay itself into other neurological conditions… vision disturbances, etc… I can tell you we already have the cure to cancer with T cell therapies which is in fast paced clinical trials. AIDS and HIV as well. These technologies move at an exponential pace. You will see these different therapies move from high mortality diseases into treating symptomatic conditions. This will absolutley be the case with CRISPR which I would expect to see real world treatments in less than 5 years. We are very close to a treatment for PFS… no matter how hopeless this forum can seem at times. Trust me we are close.


Maybe this Device can help us. “Lenire” from Neuromod. It changes the perception of the Tinnitus in brain. It is only available in Ireland. But they working for a release in other european countrys and a US-Release. Their studies with over 500 peoples have shown that 80% of the participants had a reduction in their Tinnitusloudness.

In the US its called the LEVO system. Its about $5000. I have one… started using it about a month or so BEFORE I crashed with PFS. It does work in regards to perception and coping. My tinnitus got lower over time.

Hope you’re right man