Saw Palmetto estimated recovery time

Hello all,

This is my first post here, so please excuse me if I do anything which goes against the propecia help guidelines.

Earlier in the year (late July) I took saw palmetto capsules (3 a day- 480mg in total) for about three weeks.
This was going ok to begin with, but then I began to notice testicle pain. Due to this, I stopped the treatment and went to see the doctor, and believing it was an infection, he prescribed some antibiotics to fight it. It is important to note that at this stage, it did notice that my penis was more often than not shrivelled up, and I associated this with the infection from the testicle pain.

Within around 9 days, this testicle pain was gone and I finished my course of antibiotics. Then, I noticed that I was not getting any morning erections, and my libido was constantly very low. This was accompanied with brain fog, and fatigue.

Then, by early October the sexual side effects began to dissipate. I was getting morning erections, and my penis was no longer shrivelled up.

I suppose the reason for creating this account, and making this post, is to ask how long it would take to recover. While my sexual side effects have improved greatly, I still have the brain fog and fatigue. This is a particular issue for me since I am entering my final year of college, and i would prefer deferring the year to recover, rather than finishing in a mediocre way.

I understand that recovery is different for everyone, but any help would be greatly appreciated.

Thank you!

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The brain fog should mostly go away at some point. Most people have it while on the drug, not after quitting. Not sure about the fatigue, that could linger. Give it up to a year.

Seems like you have no any damage and you will be fine soon. Try not to stress and a very important thing, let your body do the job itself and don’t take any drugs or supplements.

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You’re very lucky you recovered your eq. Just wait it out for a couple of weeks and I think you should be fine. Dont ever touch any 5ar inhibitors/accutane or antidepressants ever again as many people crash harder the second time they take this stuff.

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Your story is kinda 90% same as mine I also had a lot of antibiotics thinking it as infection but I had SP for 5 Months nd doctors was surprised even said to make a USG REPORT…

Now upon 1 month of stopping Erection function is Back again but only problem is Testicle Pain nd Swelling specially in morning till evening…

Are u all right now ?? Plz Suggest anything that may help in my case also …

I took saw palmetto for 3 weeks and had the very same experience…it’s been 8 months and no real improvement… if anyone has a cure please share