Sarcosine+Nac combo

Has anyone here had experience with this combo? I’ve seen on reddit that it has been successfully used for the treatment of Anhedonia with few side effects. Might be worth a shot.

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No but I got big improvements from NAC + Vitamin C megadosing. I take 5g NAC and 4g Vitamin C every day.

@Invictus Improvements in which sides? I have a bottle of NAC that I have been contemplating trying. Dont want to make stuff worse though. My issues are vision, head pressure and dizzyness at the moment. And insomnia.

Mood and motivation. And less anhedonia.


Did you know if its strictly that combo or if maybe its just NAC or just Vit C?

Both increase dopamine and neurotransmitters. Actually I only bought vitamin c to prevent kidney stones from NAC. But normal doses of NAC (1-2g) are safe without vitamin c.

I took NAC for 1 year and just recently started vitamin c. NAC alone works too.

I believe the Sarcosine is supposed to work on the NMDA receptors similar to the way that ketamine does.

What brand of NAC? How are you doing these days, any more improvements?