Salvia divinorum

Hi guys,
As always trying to research and look for something that might relieve our symptoms, and i was wondering if anyone of you has tried this herb before?..Many users on reddit are swearing by it to treat Anhedonia, the only problem ofcourse is, it is rather illegal in many countrie…
I would appreciate every input to this matter

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Hell no I would never use salvia I remember watching a friend of mine in high school tripping on it and he thought the walls of the room we were in were caving in and going to collapse on him funny as hell to think back on it but I feel like it would trigger major panic and anxiety if anyone here used it. Stay away from that crap.

I see…But Salvia vs Finasteride (Who would win in triggering panic and anxiety?)…All Jokes aside…
Im not talking about Smoking it (Which what ppl do usually to trip on it), but on using the leaves or tincture sublingually…The idea is to Microdose it, until the kappa receptors get downregulated, which apparently doesn’t take so long…There is actually a whole science behind antagonism of the kappa receptor and its effect on depression and anhedonia…
Just to make sure, im clear…Im not suggesting anyone here should use (I would try anything before suggesting it to anyone else), but those of you who tried it, your input would be appreciated.


Sad that the forum is 15 years of this with almost zero talk of how to do public outreach and facilitation of research — our only hope to have decent lives. We’ll tragically google herbs to the grave. The same fascination with popping pills/quick fixes that got us in trouble in the first place.