Salt has helped keep a lot


I started supplementing iodized salt, literally just swallowing some salt and chasing with water and this, for whatever reason helped me immensely.

Perhaps we are low on sodium for whatever reason? I read online that low sodium can affect a lot, but notably can alter personality. I feel a lot more like myself after starting this. I take about two teaspoons daily all together, I’d estimate. I’m going to tone it down because I feel it is a bit much, but I haven’t experienced any negatives. I also just bought non-iodized sea salt to see if that does anything. I don’t want to oversupp iodine as I know that can fuck with your thyroid.


Sodium bicarbonate helps immensely…


What were/are your symptoms?


Ed, anxiety, lack of ability to socialize correctly/ connect with others. For some reason weed REALLY fucked me up.

These issues have mostly resolved. I think my sexual sides may be still present, but rigidity has inproved.


Can I ask what your experience with it has been?


Yeah I’m 6 months in. Sexual sides may be there, like lack of sensitivity and low libido, but I couldn’t care less about sexual sides. My symptoms are as follows:

Derealization/visual issues. Impossible to explain but basically feel like there is a visual wall between me and the world. As if my senses have been muted or turned down. I don’t perceive things properly. Even looking in the mirror is distorted, like looking at a convex/concave mirror.


Lightheaded/dizzy feeling 24/7

Tightness in my jaw/clicking

Confusion (tied to my disconnected feeling)

twitches when falling asleep. I even make this weird honking/groan sound that sometimes wakes me up.

Super vivid dreams, multiple a night, all of which I remember clearly. I wake up after each dream.

Strangely enough I don’t have anexity. I think it’s because I’m so disconnected. I used to be add, but this poision has silenced the voice in my head.

That’s about it :):smile:


Thank you for your input and Yo I get the disconnected/derealization thing I think! Sometimes when I walk around public places like Walmart, it feels like I’m super light headed and just in a different world than everyone else. Also, sometimes I kind of lose my ego, like, my identity fades.

Shit is real wack.


Marijuana displaces DHT from the androgen receptor


That disconnected feeling in public places in really familiar. I experience the same thing when I’m walking down the aisles in a large Home Depot, Costco or BJ’s wholesale club. Perhaps it’s the overstimulation or products or people, but definitely a strange and different feeling i’ve been unable to shake, and never had before PFS.


Yes this is very scary at first, I remember I was like this for month’s and still have it a little but not as bad.
I remember I got off the train and it was like I was in the matrix, all the humans around me felt fake, nothing felt real, I genuinely felt like I was in a simulation, almost borderline psychosis maybe? When your vision is so bad, static everywhere and when your sense of smell, touch etc all act up, you lose touch with reality because what is happening certainly isn’t normal and doesn’t feel like it can be real, like your constantly in a nightmare and the only way out is to wake up, visual snow definitely can make my world feel like it isn’t real a lot of the time, that was at my worst and I genuinely didn’t think I’d be able to get out of that, I was so deeply lost it’s not something I’d wish on anyone, but getting out a little more certainly helped bring me back slightly and maybe adaptation to my condition helped, but as I said initially, never experienced anything else quite like that.


Hey @Devolution, how long did this take to resolve?


Maybe 7 or 8 month’s, its hard to judge because there can be so many different factors, depression etc. I do still feel spaced out or disconnected when talking to people but it’s not like I can’t go out at all, it is a little better but the stuff that has happened, skin and eyesight, penis doesn’t have the same negative emotions with them as they did initially, I’ve definitely become more desensitized to it, so maybe it hasn’t exactly improved but more so I’ve adapted to how bad it initially was. I still feel lightheaded and stuff but as i said I’m not crying or wanting to die all the time as I was initially when I crashed. I do get spikes of panicking the odd time but my mind has definitely shut down a lot of the emotions associated with this stuff, probably as a self defensive mechanism or maybe just anhedonia. I do have slight fluctuations ever so slightly where I feel I can see better for a few minutes but nothing has felt nearly the same, still have the inability to process my field of view and see thing’s clearly of as a whole, like I see part of the TV, part of a person’s face bit not so much all of it at once, hard to describe but I think people experiencing it will understand what I mean.


Hey I also want to note here, I started using sea salt last night and it tastes and feels MUCH better than iodized salt. I’m thinking the iodine is just too much. I’ll keep this regimen for a while (sea salt, NO iodine) and see how it affects me.

Also, @Devolution thank you for the story. It makes me feel more comfortable knowing I’m not the only one experiencing the sensations you are talking about. It makes you feel quite lonely to be going through so much torment that no one in your life can understand.


Salt has two electrolyte in it: sodium and chloride.

I’ve read on may thread about people taking electrolytes.

I do too, made it part of my routine, but there are 7 electrolytes the body need:


I drink a solution of potassium and magnesium chloride in the after noon (after reading this, I will add sodium bicarbonate to it), I get my calcium from heavy cream and cheese and phosphate with meat.

I eat only meat with salt, green veggies with salt, cheese, heavy cream and saturated fat. So i get plenty of salt already. (I’m on a zero carbs ketogenic diet)

Iodine helps the thyroid function and detoxify heavy metals. I tried taking some separately, made me feel like shit…


I’ve tried iodine, both from salt, kelp and on it’s own and it only seems to make me lose more hair. Non-iodized salt (which does contain potassium if from sea salt) seems to help quite a bit. My bladder actually seems to be doing better too, which is interesting. I can hold it for hours now, where before I couldn’t go very long and couldn’t hold much urine.

Interesting electrolytes seem to help. I will continue to supplement sea salt and see how it progresses but right now, I am so happy with the results.


I went to an alternative medicine doctor to see what he thought of PFS and he told me for general upkeep I need to take a few pinches of sea salt or pink salt everyday with water and too much is better than too little. If you buy sea salt in those bags with the crystal chunks rather than the powder form in the small salt shaker, one of those chunks is more than several pinches of salt.