Sage Therapeutics and Biogen Announce Positive Pivotal Phase 3 Results for Zuranolone

More positive news from Sage regarding their allopregnanolone-based treatment for depression. Looks promising.

Zuranolone is a two-week, once-daily oral drug under investigation for the treatment of MDD. It is a molecule that is designed to potentially provide a rapid-acting, sustainable treatment option.

At the Day 15 primary endpoint, zuranolone 50 mg showed a statistically significant and clinically meaningful reduction in depressive symptoms as measured by HAMD-17 (p=0.0141) compared to placebo.

Patients with a response at Day 15 to zuranolone retained on average 86% of their HAMD-17 improvement at Day 42 (4 weeks after dosing ended).

No signal for withdrawal symptoms as assessed by the 20-item Physician Withdrawal Checklist (PWC-20), or for increased suicidal ideation or behavior as per the Columbia-Suicide Severity Rating Scale (C-SSRS) were identified.


Their stock tanked tho unfortunately it’s like many other treatments I fear … It works for a bit and then effects ware off

When this could be out?
It could destroy ssri.

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I wonder if there are any PFS patients taking part in the sage trials ?